The 10 Top Stories of 2020

Funeral Industry News December 29, 2020
Top 10 Articles of 2020

The 10 Top Stories of 2020

2020 was a year we don’t really want to remember, but unfortunately can never forget. We certainly had a lot of deathcare-related news to share here at Connecting Directors this year. Today we’re sharing our Top 10 Stories of 2020 as tabulated by the number of times each article was read. Perhaps not surprisingly, all but one of the most popular stories were NOT related to the pandemic. Instead, you enjoyed stories about real housewives, long-dead bank robbers, and the ever-amusing mushroom suit — and we can’t say we blame you! So with no further ado, here are the top Connecting Directors stories of this otherwise-dismal year. Enjoy!

10. Real Housewife Phaedra Parks Says Her Mortuary is “Jam-Packed”

There’s little doubt that former reality star Phaedra Parks thrives on drama. However, her comments about the impact of COVID on her funeral home’s call volume crossed a line for many readers.

9. New Funeral Rule Price List Tip Sheet Issued by FTC After Failed Inspections

Most deathcare professionals are well-versed in the FTC’s Funeral Rule — you could probably recite portions of it verbatim at this point. However, some folks could benefit from a cram session.

8. Funeral Home Workers Discover Murder Missed by Police

As Connecting Directors writer Diana Ionescu so succinctly states in this story, “Sometimes it pays to double-check” the work of coroners and medical examiners when you receive a body.

7. HERE’S Who to Contact to Request N95 Respirator Masks

We’re grateful to John Flowers, CEO of Bass-Mollett, for taking the initiative to research, share, and update this list of resources for PPE in every state.

6. Tennessee Considers Removing Licensing Requirements for Funeral Directors and Embalmers

In February, Tennessee legislators introduced a bill that would allow people in a long list of professions — including deathcare — to operate without a license, registration, or certification. Luckily, the bill has not made any movement since we first broke the news.

5. Court Denies Exhumation of Infamous Bank Robber John Dillinger

The FBI’s one-time Public Enemy #1 is still a thorn in the side of lawmakers, even 86 years after his death. In February, Diana Ionescu shared this story of a court’s consideration of an unusual request from the family of bank robber John Dillenger.

4. Going Once, Twice … Tribute Technology Sold to Carlyle Group and Vista Equity

This November we were stunned to learn the jaw-dropping value of deathcare technology when Tribute was auctioned off for $1 billion to high-bidders Carlyle and Vista.

3. “Mushroom Burial Suit” Called Into Question

This just proves that even in death Luke Perry can make anything seem cool.

2. Mark Cuban Says Funeral Professionals Are ‘Unsung Heroes’

Speaking of cool, who didn’t love this shout-out from multi-billionaire Mark Cuban in April?!

1. Solidified Remains Technology Wins ICCFA KIP Award

The Connecting Directors family was proud to share the news of this well-deserved award for our former editor and dear friend Justin Crowe’s innovative startup Parting Stone, which provides families a clean, touchable alternative to cremated remains.