Do Funeral Directors Have Rizz? | FFFW 154

ENJOY Friday Funeral Fast Wrap Funeral Industry News September 22, 2023

Do Funeral Directors Have Rizz? | FFFW 154

DISCLAIMER: None of the F’s in FFFW stand for “facts.” Enjoy the satire.

I’ve been sick all week. So that’s a bummer, but … I’m pumped that I’ve reached the best day of the week!

Let’s never forget: FRIDAYS ARE AWESOME. Even if you have to work on Saturday, or you have no weekend plans at all, Fridays are just cool. Society has decided as a whole that Fridays are when we do cool things. That’s the whole reason that we do this FFFW week after week.

So, let’s celebrate!

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GEN-Z Slang You Should Know

Most of the FFFW audience falls between Boomers and Millenials. Believe it or not, Millennials are no longer the young guns in the game. Right now, several Gen-Zers are starting to infiltrate the workplace. And like every generation, they have their own lingo. So, before you go talking to one of these whipper-snappers, I think you should read over this list of Gen-Z terms and how you can use them to seem really cool.

As we all know, nothing is cooler than someone trying to be relevant to young folks. That’s why I’m praying for an Elton John hip-hop record.

1) BUS – This is a term that means “good.” Gen-Z typically uses this for items such as food and snacks.

How to use it with a younger employee:
“Hey John. The family asked for sandwiches at their calling hours. Make sure you pick them up from the store. Taste one to make sure it’s bus.”

2) CAP – This means fake/deceiving. Gen-Zers use this when they don’t believe something.

How to use it with a younger employee:
“Our competitors say that we use cheap caskets- that’s cap. They just overcharge on theirs.”

3) GAS – This is used similarly to “bus.” Gen-Z is all about hype so they need a lot of words to express being excited about something.

How to use it with a younger employee:
“Did you see the Johnson family preplanned a traditional burial with our premium casket? That service is going to be gas!”

4) RIZZ – This term is short for charisma. You use this to describe a person or action that people would consider romantically desirable.

How to use it with a younger employee:
“Go and hold the doors for the service. Be nice to people but don’t try to rizz anybody up.”

5) STAN – Being a “Stan” means you’re a hardcore fan of something. This is a noun, but it can be turned into a verb by adding “ing” to create “Stanning.”

How to use it with a younger employee:
I’m a Batesville Stan; they make my favorite caskets.
b) Lately, I’ve been stanning over my new sweater vest.

So there you go. I encourage you to use these terms as much as possible around your younger employees/co-workers. They’ll be REALLY impressed and think that you’re REALLY cool.

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