Death Tech Startup Launches in California with AI Eulogy Tool

Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases September 18, 2023
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Death Tech Startup Launches in California with AI Eulogy Tool

Death Tech Startup Funeral Bookings Launches with AI Eulogy Tool

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/ — Funeral Bookings Inc unveils new AI eulogy creation tool as they launch in the U.S. with DIY consumers in mind.

With a vision to break free from the traditional black suit and tie funeral director uniform, Funeral Bookings is redefining the funeral home concept.

When asked to describe the type of online funeral home concept he helped create, William Heath responded, “Think tracksuits over the traditional ‘black suit and tie’ funeral director uniform.”

Funeral Bookings, the innovative California-based death tech startup, is making waves in the industry with its own AI Eulogy Creation Tool being released this week.

Asha Martin, Founder and CEO of Funeral Bookings, explains how their AI tool not only simplifies the funeral planning process but may also encourage discussions surrounding death and dying, “By embracing a fresh perspective, Funeral Bookings aims to bridge the generational gap and foster open conversations about end-of-life matters.”

“At the core of Funeral Bookings’ philosophy lies the belief in the power of design, color, and imagery to shape new narratives surrounding death.”

In 2021 41% of all cremations performed were Direct Cremations (cremation without formal viewing, visitation or ceremony with the body present.) Many families are opting for a DIY funeral service in their own homes, which allows for greater personalisation without the cost of using a traditional funeral home.

By embracing innovative paradigms, Funeral Bookings seeks to meet the evolving needs of different generations. Baby Boomers, in particular, are challenging the status quo of traditional death care, expressing a desire for unique and personalized ways to commemorate their lives and legacies by providing direction cremation services and resources for creating a DIY at-home funeral celebration of life.

Funeral Bookings is on a mission to reshape the industry and create a more compassionate, forward-thinking approach to end-of-life funeral planning.

Funeral Bookings launches this week in L.A and Orange Country trading under the name Specifically, providing the following end-of-life services: Cremation funerals, prepaid funerals and DIY funeral planning tools.

About Funeral Bookings

Funeral Bookings is a death tech startup that is revolutionizing the funeral industry. The company was founded by Asha Martin, Andrew Arlington, and William Heath, entrepreneurs who are passionate about using technology to make end-of-life planning simple. The funeral industry has been slow to change, Funeral Bookings is changing the way people think about death care. The company’s AI eulogy tool is a prime example of how technology can be used to ease the stress experienced with funeral planning. The tool is making it easier for people to create personalized and meaningful eulogies for their loved ones. The company offers a variety of prepaid funeral plans that can help people lock in funeral costs today and we offer a variety of online resources to help people plan their funerals.

Key statistics on the aging population and cremation rates

The annual number of U.S. deaths is related to the age structure of the American population. U.S. life expectancy decreased from 78.86 years in 2019 to 76.99 years in 2020 and 76.60 years in 2021, a net loss of 2.26 years. (Virginia Commonwealth University, Urban Institute, April 2022).

The annual number of cremations in the United States is expected to rise from 1.91 million in 2022 to 2.26 million by 2030, and to 2.94 million by 2040. (For comparison, the number of cremations in 2010 was 1 million.) The rising number of cremations can be attributed to changing consumer preferences, weakening religious prohibitions, cost considerations, and environmental concerns.

When planning a funeral or memorial service, approximately half of consumers visited a funeral home website. One-quarter of those made all of the arrangements online, and 39.9% started the arrangement process online. (NFDA, March 2022).

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