Mortuary Student Gets Initiated Into Profession | FFFW 174

ENJOY Friday Funeral Fast Wrap Funeral Industry News February 9, 2024

Mortuary Student Gets Initiated Into Profession | FFFW 174

DISCLAIMER: None of the F’s in FFFW stand for “facts.” Enjoy the satire.

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Young Mortuary Student Hears “I Bet People are Dying to Work With You” For the First Time.

In an episode that has sent ripples through the tight-knit community of those dedicated to the final farewells, Justin Harmon, a fresh recruit at the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science (CCMS), found himself on the receiving end of the profession’s most time-honored gag. Mid-conversation with his uncle, Harmon was hit with the inevitable, “I bet people are dying to work with you,” officially stamping his passport into the realm of funeral service.

This age-old jest, as much a part of the profession as embalming fluid and sympathy cards, varies in reception from mild amusement to full-on eye-rolling despair. For Harmon, it was a lightbulb moment, illuminating the unique, if slightly dark, camaraderie and shared sense of humor that threads through those who choose this path. “It’s one thing to know about the stereotypes,” Harmon mused, “but to live them through a pun thrown at you by family? That’s when you know you’ve truly arrived.”

The chatter about Harmon’s initiation has rekindled memories and chuckles among his peers and elders, serving as a reminder of the profession’s unspoken litmus test. “If you can’t stand the pun, maybe you’re better off not standing at all,” quipped an anonymous funeral director with a smirk.


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