Kidnap Your Grief Dog? | FFFW 161

ENJOY Friday Funeral Fast Wrap Funeral Industry News November 10, 2023

Kidnap Your Grief Dog? | FFFW 161

DISCLAIMER: None of the F’s in FFFW stand for “facts.” Enjoy the satire.

Welcome to the 314th day of the year! You’ve made it. Now, we only have a couple of pre-Christmas season Fridays left. And I’m a holiday guy so I’m trying really hard to relent. But this issue and the next will be our last non-Christmasy editions for the year. So, if you’re not a huge holiday guy, enjoy it.

Also, it’s worth noting that this is issue 161, which means we’re on yet another palindromic edition of the FFFW. And I sure do love palindromes.

Fridays left til Christmas: 6

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This is the time of year when you should start reflecting on the past months and begin setting your goals for 2024. Most people either A) don’t do that or B) make really lame goals.

So I did it for you.

Here are the FFFW-approved goals that every funeral home should strive for.

1) Increase call volume by 20%
2) Run 3 lead campaigns.
3) Come up with a cool name for “urns” like the “Ashy-Basky”.
4) Just do it.
5) Shoot for the stars.
6) If you fail you could still hit the moon.
7) Get a guy on the team who will say “I barely know her” when appropriate.
8) Get a grief dog.
9) Fake a dog-napping.
10) Post about it.
11) Go viral.
12) Now you have a golden doodle AND a viral news story.
13) Don’t let it be a golden doodle.
14) There are better breeds out there.
15) Have some fun.

GIF Of The Week

You Otter Be Proud

  1. Gift Match Challenge Issued by National Guardian Life Insurance Company Helps Trust Raise More Than $24,000
  2. Mynatt Funeral Home helps honor some of East Tennessee’s fallen heroes
  3. Wichita funeral home’s therapy dog comforts in a way no human can