Should Your Funeral Home Celebrate Christmas? | FFFW 160

ENJOY Friday Funeral Fast Wrap Funeral Industry News November 3, 2023

Should Your Funeral Home Celebrate Christmas? | FFFW 160

DISCLAIMER: None of the F’s in FFFW stand for “facts.” Enjoy the satire.

Welcome to November! We’ve made it to the Christmas season. That’s right. As a famous meme says “Christmas is a season, Thanksgiving is a day.” We cosign that thinking here at the FFFW. As October turned into November, our world experienced a cosmic shift in which I can now listen to Michael Buble. Let’s enjoy it.

Fridays left til Christmas: 7

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Official Christmas Rules for Your Funeral Home

This time of year, there are a lot of debates about what is and what is not acceptable. Some say you can listen to Christmas music starting Nov. 1, and others say you have to wait until after Thanksgiving.

So I’ve developed a list of official rules to help you and your funeral home navigate this difficult season.

There is a general framework which these rules operate under. It is simply stated as follows:
“Christmas-lite begins November 1. Christmas! Begins after Thanksgiving. Some other things occur at other times.”

Things allowed starting November 1st
Christmas music MIXED into your company’s playlists but NOT the classics
– Greenery used for decorations (think fall/winter more than Christmas)
– Hot chocolate Keurig options in the office

Things allowed week of Thanksgiving
– Wishing people “Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas”
– Outdoor decorations put out (not turned on)

Things allowed after Thanksgiving
– Exclusively listening to Christmas music
– Indoor/outdoor decorations
– Candy canes in the breakroom
– Saying “hustle and bustle”
– Saying “holly jolly”

Things allowed the week before Christmas

– Work gift exchanges
– Eggnog and Christmas sweaters
– Holiday parties

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