A New Funeral Convention, Lightning McQueen, & Cemetery Music Festival | FFFW 141

ENJOY Friday Funeral Fast Wrap Funeral Industry News June 23, 2023

A New Funeral Convention, Lightning McQueen, & Cemetery Music Festival | FFFW 141

DISCLAIMER: None of the F’s in FFFW stand for “facts.” Enjoy the satire.

On this day 1979, Charlie Daniels Band released “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” And man, that song still slaps. So, yeah, be thankful for that today. Let’s roll!

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Three Ideas for a Funeral Convention

This week, Team DISRUPT/Connecting Directors wrapped up our third annual “Funeral (Un)Conference.” And man, that was great. It was an honor to play a small part of it. But, as a dreamer I got to thinking, “What could spice up funeral conventions even more?” I have some ideas.

1) Hands on a Hardbody
I want to see 20 funeral directors fighting sleep deprivation and leg cramps in order to be the last one with their hands on a new hearse. This could go for days.

2) A Heated Debate
There have to be a couple of companies that just want to duke it out. I say we let them do it, and enjoy some popcorn while watching the show. I want like a FIERY debate. Waaaay past the point of beneficial; I want it to be entertaining.

3) A Mock Funeral
Here’s the idea: All of the best vendors are at these things, so what if we made it a goal to throw the “Perfect Funeral.” Let’s just see how epic we can make it by using our resources. Like, it could be straight-up Eurovision-level stuff.

A Thought.

In the “Cars” universe (Ka-chow), tow trucks would be funeral directors or at least the removers.


Every week I hunt the internet for the most uplifting stories about funeral homes and cemeteries for our “You Otter Be Proud” section.” While doing this, I found an article titled “More Jersey City bands in line at the cemetery for two days of Goatchella.”

Let me tell you, that’s my favorite headline I’ve ever read.

Here’s just a few lines from the article.

“Presented by Dancing Tony Susco of Rock-It Docket, the show is best known for not only the live bands performing on stage, but the goats and sheep that come to town and help landscape the grounds of the cemetery…”

“Among the bands performing are Neon Funeral…”

“While this is the band’s first time performing Goatchella, some of its members have performed at another of the cemetery’s big shows, The Ghost of Uncle Joes.”

So, if you have love for obscure rock music, goats, or absurdity- please do yourself a favor and check out this article. Maybe next year, I can do some live coverage.

You Otter Be Proud

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