How to Handle Summer Interns | FFFW 130

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How to Handle Summer Interns | FFFW 130

Wow, 130 issues ago- I never thought we’d reach 130 issues. Y’all got me feeling all fuzzy inside. I’m crying a bit. I need tissues. I need tissues for my issues.

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The FFFW’S Official Guide to Summer Interns

It’s almost April which means summer is quickly approaching. And for some of you, that might mean having some summer interns. For some of you, those “interns” are your kids, and you’ll spend a few months selling the “funeral director lifestyle” to them as they wear polos embroidered with the funeral home logo. However, it looks for you- this guide will definitely prove helpful.

1) Create healthy boundaries.

They’ll only be around for a few months. So it’s best to remove the possibility of good productive work relationships. They can see you when you need to see them. Otherwise, they should know not to be in your way. Basic business.

2) Make a place for them.

By this, I mean you need to put them in their place. These gen-zers have a lack of work ethic and common sense. Remind them as much as possible that they work for YOU and that you built this business the old-fashioned way with sweat and blood. If you don’t already know them, I would be sure to enforce this on your introductory call.

3) Have some laughs.

In the minimal amount of time you dedicate to them, make some jokes at their expense. They need to get some thicker skin anyway. The BEST is when you make jokes about things they can’t change, or they care deeply about. Do they look a little goofy? Point it out. Are they the same age as someone else? Always ask them if they’re in a relationship. It will break the tension in the office. But, my absolute favorite is to point out something they may be self-conscious about. Do they have big teeth? Call them Chomper behind their back or something. This will create a fun environment.

It’s hard to find good help- now you’ll know how to treat them!


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