Batesville Coffins? | FFFW 121

ENJOY Friday Funeral Fast Wrap Funeral Industry News January 27, 2023

Batesville Coffins? | FFFW 121

Happy January 27th. On this day in 1880, Thomas Edison received a patent for the incandescent lamp. So, if you can see things pretty well past 6 pm- be thankful for Tommy Edz.

This week we’re discussing Viking funerals, Batesville coffins, and as always, our good news at the end! So hold on tight, and let’s have a good time getting the weekend rolling.

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Comic of the Week

Batesville Coffins?

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again; coffins are better than caskets. But, for some reason, nobody makes coffins for actual funerals.

Instead of staying up another night pondering this question, I decided it’s time to shoot my shot. So Batesville, consider this my official plead for you to bring coffins back to America.

1) It’s a better shape.

People love slim-fit suits. Why? Because the tailored shape of the suit makes the overall appearance of the wearer much slimmer and more natural. Coffins are basically slim-fit caskets. It’s time to make the switch.

2) It’s what people expect.

I would say 90% of Americans use the word coffin interchangeably. In fact, I think most people would be surprised that coffins are so hard to find. Every movie, tv show, cartoon, etc., shows coffins WAY more than caskets. It is still the universal symbol of death, even if they’re not widely offered.

3) It’s out of the box.

The way innovation works is that you start with something boxy and then make it less boxy. Think about it- TVs, computers, cell phones, the list goes on and on. But with the coffin-to-casket transition, we went backward. Now is the time to revise history and make it right.

Let’s do this. I want coffins to come back in 2023.

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