Mount Everest Funeral Home? | FFFW 119

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Mount Everest Funeral Home? | FFFW 119

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Comic of the Week

Mount Everest Funeral Home?

This week, CD published another article about the multiple deaths that have occurred on Mount Everest. It got me thinking- what if we just had a funeral home there?

So, here’s a little look at what that would like (in the style of a press release).

In a shocking turn of events, a funeral home will be built on the summit of Mount Everest. The decision was made due to the increasing number of deaths on the mountain.

The funeral home, to be named “Everest Memorial Services,” will offer a variety of funeral packages for climbers who perish on the mountain. Package options include traditional burials, cremations, and even a “summit scattering” service where ashes will be spread at the top of the mountain.

According to the owner of the funeral home, “We saw a need for this service as more and more people are attempting to climb the mountain. We want to provide a dignified and respectful way for families to say goodbye to their loved ones.”

The funeral home will also feature a small chapel for memorial services and a gift shop selling “Everest Memorial” merchandise.

Critics have expressed concern about the commercialization of the mountain and the potential impact on the environment, but the owner assures that all operations will be done with the utmost respect and in accordance with local regulations.

The funeral home is set to open in the spring climbing season of 2023. It’s expected to be the highest funeral home in the world and a final resting place for many climbers who will never make it back home.
YIKES- that’s a little somber. Here’s a puppy to make you feel better!

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