Frozen Turkey Wallpaper | FFFW 111

ENJOY Friday Funeral Fast Wrap Funeral Industry News November 11, 2022

Frozen Turkey Wallpaper | FFFW 111

Issue 111! This is our first triple repeating issue number. This won’t happen for another hundred issues, which will take about two years. So, this is almost like a lunar eclipse situation, just be glad you’re seeing it. Anyway- let’s have an awesome Friday!

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Quick Wraps

A funeral was held in GTA for popular rapper
Check out this charity vending machine
Take 60 seconds to remember why you shouldn’t deep fry a frozen turkey

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A Thankful Thought

This is the time of year to be extra intentional with our thankfulness. So each week, I’ll be highlighting something about this profession I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for funeral homes that haven’t changed their wallpaper in the past 30 years. Why? Because old wallpaper patterns have become trendy again, these people are proof that a broken clock is right twice a day. These funeral homes should be seen as a monument to perseverance.

Did it look good for the past 25 years? Of course not, but now the world is in a phase where every decade from the past century takes turns being trendy every three months. And right now is the time when 90s wallpaper is THE aesthetic.

If you have plaid or checkered walls- I’m thankful for you.

You Otter Be Proud

  1. Rollings Funeral Service Honored with Commendation from Georgia Governor
  2. Rollstone appoints funeral home operator as new board chair
  3. For a recession and future-proofed career, consider the funeral trade