Flex Seal Embalming Magic? | FFFW 105

ENJOY Friday Funeral Fast Wrap Funeral Industry News September 23, 2022

Flex Seal Embalming Magic? | FFFW 105

Y’all, this is our FIRST OFFICIAL FALL edition of the FFFW in 2022!


I LOVE the fall. It’s actually my favorite season, followed by spring, summer, then winter in last place. So, that being said, I’m excited and on a weather high. It’s currently 75 degrees in Nashville where I’m writing this- and I love it.

So hopefully, some of my feel-good joy comes across through this virtual piece of paper, and it helps you have an amazing fall day!

(Get it? It’s FALL!)

Introducing Flex Seal Embalming Magic

We want to thank our new sponsor Flex Seal for sponsoring* the FFFW today.

Here’s the official** marketing promo I got from their marketing department to reach this new funeral audience.

Hey funeral directors, are you tired of using several different tools and concoctions to do your embalming? Well, be tired no more! Flex Seal Embalming Magic*** is here for you with our new all-purpose embalming magic fluid.

Now, some will ask, “Isn’t this just normal Flex Seal?” and we say, “YES, it is, but that doesn’t it any worse of a product. It does make you more of a loser for asking.”

Need to fill body cavities? Flex Seal Embalming Magic does that!
Need to fill a face? Flex Seal Embalming Magic does that!
Need to do makeup? Our new multi-colored Flex Seal Embalming Magic can do that too!

No need to buy any more embalming chemicals. Flex Seal Embalming Magic has all you need!

*They paid no money for this, nor have they been in contact with Connecting Directors.**Once again not official. They are unaware that our author is writing this.
*** Yeah, this is not a real product. The author’s a liar.


British humor.

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