The Newest Urns On Display at CANA’s 104th Cremation Innovation Convention

Cremation Funeral Industry News Products & Services September 20, 2022

The Newest Urns On Display at CANA’s 104th Cremation Innovation Convention

Last month’s 2022 Cremation Association of North America (CANA) Cremation Innovation Convention in Atlanta was a great experience for attendees, presenters, and exhibitors alike. (Don’t believe me? Check out what the Funeral Nation boys had to say about it in Episode 251!) One of the favorite features of CANA’s gatherings is the attention provided to suppliers and the unique combined expo/presentation setup. As you might expect, these folks brought their very best to the CANA show, including an outstanding selection of urns. Here are just a few of the newest versions from various vendors:

Wilbert: Infinity Collection and LGBTQ-Friendly Together Again Companion Urn

According to Merchandising Manager Michael Devaney, Wilbert’s upcoming catalog will introduce the new Infinity Collection, which was on display at CANA. These glass urns are gorgeous, and are crafted for Wilbert by Canadian artisan Karin Bouchard. 

Devaney also shared Wilbert’s wonderful woodworked Together Again Companion Urns designed especially for same-sex couples. These lovely urns are crafted of solid walnut, featuring intricately carved walnut and oak in the style of Wilbert’s already-popular Together Again Companion Urns. However, the new carvings allow all couples to celebrate “with dignity, making life and love equal, no matter who they are.”

Davis Whitehall: Textured Printing

The Davis Whitehall Company showcased its latest customization offering: Colored Texture Printing. Described and trademarked as “Creating Memories You Can Feel™,” Davis Whitehall uses an innovative UV-cured printing process to deliver a lifelike image with a raised printed surface. “This texture enhances the level of detail on each product,” shared Liz Zeig, Davis Whitehall Vice President. “This allows families to touch and feel the image on their memorial urn.” The process is now available on a select group of Davis Whitehall urns, including the lovely maple option below.

Samuel Mitchell Design: Multi-functional and modern

Samuel Mitchell Design offered a stunning selection of urns at CANA, ranging from sleek, sophisticated versions to urns that also serve as picture frames, jewelry boxes, candle holders, and vases. “Samuel Mitchell designs and builds modern urns made for the modern home,” says co-founder Max Lemper-Tabatsky. “Handcrafted from sustainably-sourced materials, we’ve designed our collection to offer families a more contemporary, unique way to celebrate the lives of loved ones. After all, interesting lives deserve interesting urns.”