The Economy is Wrecked- Here’s How to Survive the Summer | FFFW #90

ENJOY Friday Funeral Fast Wrap Funeral Industry News June 10, 2022

The Economy is Wrecked- Here’s How to Survive the Summer | FFFW #90

Wow, wow, wow! We have reached issue 90. Can you believe it? We’ve done this 90 times! Now, this publication has changed a little bit through the weeks but one thing remains the same- it’s packed full of GIFs and goodness. What more could you ask for?

Now in honor of the 90s, here’s a gif of jorts!

It’s 2022 – No one owns a fax machine…

Stop forcing families to find a fax machine to return paperwork and make it convenient for them to complete forms online. 
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Gas Prices are High- That Shouldn’t Ruin Summer. Here’s How You Make the Most of it.

Here are some suggestions to make the next few months the best summer your funeral home has ever had.

1) Dress jorts. That’s right. If you grew up in the south or middle America, then you know that nothing screams “SUMMER” quite like jorts. So take some scissors to those dress pants and start rocking those on the daily. You’ll thank me later.

2) Road trip songs. The best part of any road trip is blaring some BOPS and screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs. Every hearse driver can bolster this level of experience.

3) Splash. When I was a senior in high school, there was a great game where people would have random water gun fights. These splash wars could occur anywhere in the county and the winner won some money. I think rival funeral homes should pick up this tradition and battle each other.

Do any of these and you’re guaranteed to have the best summer ever!

Comic of the Week

Work from home…

You Otter Be Proud

Let’s be honest, our profession gets a lot of negative press, so we’ve searched the internet to find stories of funeral things getting respect, and doing great things!

1) Polyguard & Co LLC Acquires Vantage Products Corporation 

2) There’s rich history in Pensacola’s cemeteries. An expert is teaching how to preserve it