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FrontRunner Professional Announces Software Integration with Google Calendar

February 21, 2018

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FrontRunner Professional Announces Software Integration with Google Calendar

Today FrontRunner Professional announced the release of Eventify, a native integration between their award-winning Pulse Business System and the Google Calendar application.

The integration allows funeral directors to see a list of upcoming services and visitations in one dashboard, feeding all event details such as the deceased’s name, location, times and more directly into their individual Google Calendar application – where the rest of their appointments, events and daily agenda lives. Funeral directors can then use the Google Calendar features they are used to such as event reminders and more.

“Eventify is a great solution for Google users, making it easier to manage multiple events and see a week or month at a glance. With just one click, funeral directors that use our Pulse Business System will be able to easily organize their schedule and manage their time more efficiently, without having to use multiple pieces of software. Many of our clients use Google Suite together to keep themselves organized and we’re excited to integrate our software with this widely-used tool. It’s just one of many features that we will be releasing in 2018 to help make funeral director’s lives easier,” says Jason Truesdell, President of FrontRunner Professional.

The process of setting up and using Eventify is simple. When logging into their FrontRunner system, users will be prompted to register or sign-in to their Google account, accept the permissions allowing the system to manage their calendar and then the integration is ready to use. In addition, cach user will have their own calendar managed individually, which will help funeral homes with multiple employees. In addition,

“My favorite thing about this new tool is that it makes just as much sense for a funeral home with two employees and one location as it does for funeral homes with many employees and multiple locations. We feel that Eventify will truly help people stay organized and benefit firms of all different sizes,” Truesdell concludes.

FrontRunner is a trusted Google Partner that consistently looks for new ways to help funeral directors save time and money using technology and grow their business. FrontRunner is the leading funeral technology and marketing company with the only truly integrated solution on the market. To learn more about what FrontRunner can do for your firm, visit or contact Jules Green at 1-866-748-3625.