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Just How Many Families are Undecided?

May 4, 2012

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Just How Many Families are Undecided?

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Have you ever thought about how many people within your community know exactly which funeral home they would select if they had to make a decision today?  As a company who is interested in helping  undecided families make more informed decisions about funeral planning, we’ve not only thought about it — but we have connected with, and helped, these very families.

Even though we know that these families exist, it got us thinking, “Just how many people are undecided as to which funeral home they would turn to?”

Using Ask Your Target Market, an independent market research platform, we asked the following question to over 600 individuals over the age of 35 located throughout the United States:

“If you were to plan a funeral service for a loved one, what best describes your current situation?”

We were pretty intrigued, although not surprised, by the findings:

  • Only 26.8% of respondents knew exactly which funeral home they would select.
  • 22.7% of respondents had some idea of which funeral home they would select.
  • The majority (50.5%) of respondents had no idea what funeral home they would select.

What does this mean for funeral professionals?

While the relationships that you’ve built with families in your community are very important, it’s simply not enough.  Certainly, your involvement within the community can help continue to build relationships – but you’re probably already doing that.  It’s important to find new ways to connect with these undecided families.

Do you have ideas on which new tools or techniques can be helpful for funeral professionals to use to attract these undecided families?  Did you just try experimenting with a new technique and want to share your experiences?

Feel free to share your experiences or ideas in the comments section below.

Mike Belsito is an Internet entrepreneur with a background in product innovation, ideation, and startup business development.  Mike is the Co-Founder of eFuneral, an online platform that helps connect families in-need with the funeral homes that can best serve them.  He also serves as an entrepreneur-in-residence for the City of Lakewood, Ohio — a 50,000+ residential community located in Northeast Ohio.