Unique, Artistic, Handcrafted: Terrybear’s Fresh New Products Will Make Your Families Forget About Etsy & Amazon

Funeral Industry News Products & Services June 20, 2024
Terrybear urns

Unique, Artistic, Handcrafted: Terrybear’s Fresh New Products Will Make Your Families Forget About Etsy & Amazon

How often do you hear something like this from the families you serve: “We don’t need to see your urns; we wanted something different, so we’ve ordered one from Etsy.” Or Amazon. Or from some other random place in the Google-verse. 

The team at Terrybear® Urns & Memorials know what you’re going through. And this year, they’ve made a commitment to do something about it. They’ve just launched a brand new line of nearly 40 products designed to dazzle your families and make them forget about looking outside your funeral home for one-of-a-kind, sculptural, handcrafted, or artistic designs.

“We’re creating new, unique products with you, the funeral director, in mind — products that aren’t going to be found anywhere else,” says Brent Thorson, Client Success and Growth Manager at Terrybear. “These products will add value to the funeral home. Families won’t be able to hit Google to find a similar product.”

The thoughtful and ultra-imaginative folks at Terrybear — everyone from the marketing to product development to personalization teams — have collaborated to produce an incredible lineup of truly stunning and creative items you’ll be proud to share with the families you serve. 

Scattering urns and pendants

First up in the newest Terrybear collection, which just launched on May 29, are a brand new selection of scattering urns and complementary pendants — both of which offer a refreshing answer to an age-old question: What do you do with an urn?

“That’s the whole idea behind these environmentally-friendly, biodegradable urns and our new pendants,” says Thorson. “After scattering there is the question of what to do with the urn. These urns and pendants provide both a beautiful option for scattering and a memorable keepsake to cherish after scattering.”

Terrybear’s new scattering urns are hand-woven from natural grasses, and come in four beautiful designs that families wouldn’t mind retaining after scattering to hold special mementos of a loved one. Like these urns, the new pendants can also serve multiple purposes. With six lovely and affordable pendants to choose from, families can easily share a memento of this special day with others.

“These urns are perfect for natural burials, so if you bury the urn, the pendants can be a takeaway,” says Thorson. “They can be personalized on the back with names and dates or a favorite quote from Grandpa. They can even be used as Christmas ornaments or hung anywhere as a remembrance piece.”

Sculptural and marble urns

Another addition to Terrybear’s already-impressive line of urns is a set of simply stunning sculptural designs and marble urns. The Windsong series, Sundance Cherry Blossom, and the 12 marble Monument Memorial urns are all works of art that anyone would be proud to have on permanent, prominent display.

“They have a three-dimensional wrap-around sculptural element and a very unique texture,” describes Thorson. “They’re more artistic, and something you’re not going to find anywhere else.”

The urns in the Monument Memorial collection are even more unique. Weighing in at a substantial 11 pounds, these solid natural marble urns are individually handcrafted in-house by Terrybear designers, and feature inlays and metallic paint fill. And, like most of Terrybear’s amazing products, these urns can be personalized with names and dates using the amazingly easy-to-use Memory of Lifetime portal.

“These are unique in that they are individually made to order,” says Thorson. “When an order is received, our designer will sit down and fill in the paint and create the mother-of-pearl inlays. It’s high-end custom work, and the pictures don’t really do them justice. It’s really hard to capture the essence of these in a photograph.”

Stainless memorial cards

Last, but certainly not least, in Terrybear’s new Spring 2024 collection are the Life Canvas Memorial Cards, which, like the pendants, can become a memory families can take with them. 

“These are thick, credit-card-sized stainless steel cards that can be engraved with a loved one’s name, dates, service details, and even a quote or a prayer,” says Thorson. “They feature the images in our Life Canvas urns series, and serve as a take-away for families and friends as a remembrance of the service.”

Purposefully created for you

Like many of the world’s most innovative ideas, each of these new products was created as the solution to a problem. In this case, the Terrybear team wanted to solve the issue being reported by more and more funeral directors: families going online to find unique, one-of-a-kind deathcare products — and often not receiving what they thought they’d ordered.

“The whole idea for us was that we have this wonderful engraving team and some really talented, skilled craftspeople,” Thorson explains. “Why wouldn’t we provide this and help you combat against the Amazons and the Etsys? We wanted to make something high-end and custom that families could find at the funeral home.”

As Brent Thorson said, photos don’t really capture the beauty of these new urns, pendants, and cards. So, if you didn’t have the chance to stop by the Terrybear booth at the ICCFA Convention & Expo in April and can’t wait until the NFDA Convention & Expo in October, why not reach out to Terrybear today to request samples? With these selections, seeing is truly going to lead to believing … that your families will love these Terrybear products!