Halcyon Deathcare Management Solutions adds Artificial Intelligence features

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Halcyon Deathcare Management Solutions adds Artificial Intelligence features

February 26, 2024 – Halcyon Deathcare Management Solutions, a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions for the deathcare profession, is proud to announce the launch of two new artificial intelligence (AI) features.  

The first innovative feature uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to suggest reputable charitable organizations. Families often have an idea of what type of donation they would like to make on behalf of their loved one but they may not have a specific charity in mind. Halcyon’s charitable organization suggestion tool can seamlessly discover and recommend reputable charities that align with the family’s passion and beliefs. Simply enter the family’s interest(s) and optionally a geographic area and a list of several matching charitable organizations and a brief description of each will be quickly returned. Deathcare providers can empower families to honor their loved ones’ legacies through meaningful charitable contributions.

The second feature is the addition of an artificial intelligence (AI) obituary writer to Halcyon’s existing obituary creation options. This new tool streamlines the process of creating obituaries and delivers personalized, heartfelt tributes with unmatched efficiency. Creating meaningful and respectful obituaries can be a daunting task. Recognizing this challenge, Halcyon has leveraged the power of AI technology to create an intuitive platform designed to assist in composing eloquent and dignified obituaries.

When using the artificial intelligence obituary feature existing decedent information is conveniently pre-filled onto a screen. The information can be submitted to the obituary writer as-is or modifications and additions may be made prior to submitting the information for draft creation. There is also the ability to modify the tone of the generated draft on a scale from conservative to creative. Once a draft has been saved it can be sent to the family for review, submitted to publishers, and/or posted directly from Halcyon to your public-facing website. 

“At Halcyon, we are dedicated to innovation and I’m excited about these two latest features”, said Sara Gard, President of Halcyon. “We have seen a lot of technologies evolve in our 23 years of experience and I am proud that we are continuously improving Halcyon whenever we see a way to benefit our customers”. 

Halcyon is a leading provider of comprehensive web-based deathcare management solutions for funeral homes, crematories, pet crematories and trade businesses.

For more information about Halcyon’s AI features and other innovative solutions from Halcyon DCMS, please visit www.halcyondcms.com