Thanksgiving Special | FFFW 162

ENJOY Friday Funeral Fast Wrap Funeral Industry News November 17, 2023

Thanksgiving Special | FFFW 162

DISCLAIMER: None of the F’s in FFFW stand for “facts.” Enjoy the satire.

Happy Thanksgiving! That’s right, this is our Thanksgiving special. It’s still a whole week away, but the next time we meet won’t be until Black Friday, so we’ll have some fun with that.

So here we go. Let’s get ready to wobble and gobble.

Fridays left til Christmas: 5

Homesteaders Makes it Rain?

What’s better than a 25 bps increase in growth on your preneed block? A 30 bps increase! Homesteaders is excited to announce one of the industry’s highest growth rate increases – an average of 30 bps on all new business, beginning March 15. Learn more.

Game Time

The average American consumes 3,000 calories for a Thanksgiving meal. The standard serving of funeral potatoes is half a cup. How many servings of funeral potatoes would someone have to eat to consume 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving?

NOTE: click your answer. If you get a twerking turkey, you’re right. If you get any other GIF, you need to try again.
a) 10
b) 18
c) 26

Turkey Explosion

I don’t like turkey, I’m not even a ham man; if it’s up to me I’m eating steak and pizza on Thanksgiving. But, turkey is amazing for one thing that brings me much joy. And that thing is frozen turkey explosions. So, sit back and enjoy this compilation of Thanksgiving fires.

NOTE: Stay safe. If you’re going to subject yourself to eating turkey, prepare it safely.

You Otter Be Proud

  1. Community helps non-profit put up flags for veteran funeral procession
  2. Mynatt Funeral Home helps honor some of East Tennessee’s fallen heroes
  3. Wichita funeral home’s therapy dog comforts in a way no human can