A New Way To Solve Funeral Legal Issues | FFFW 148

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A New Way To Solve Funeral Legal Issues | FFFW 148

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Funeral Directors Should Wrestle Yearly

So, unfortunately, all business comes with a little bit of drama. Why? Well, business involves people and people are dramatic. This can lead to family feuds, bitterness, and lawsuits.

But I have a solution:

Hear me out on this one. And let’s remember that for years and years people settled actual arguments with actual gun duels. So, when compared to that, this isn’t all that insane.


As the title of this article suggests, I firmly believe that funeral directors (and all funeral professionals) should wrestle with each other over their qualms and disagreements on both petty and legal matters. This should be overseen by one of the yearly conventions and along with settling the cases.

Let’s look at the benefits of this real quick:

  1. Funeral professionals would be incentivized to stay in good health in case they’re challenged.
  2. There has to be a way to raise money for charity off of this.
  3. It keeps the weak away from the profession.
  4. The “purge effect” might have some validity to it.
  5. Sometimes medical bills are cheaper than legal fees.

As I said, this would be open to all funeral professionals. So, if I’ve ever offended you or your company (and trust me, there have been some incidents) then you can challenge me. But if you can’t physically dominate me you will be mocked on what would be my favorite yearly issue of the FFFW: “The Fightlights” (like highlights but about fighting).

You Otter Be Proud

  1. NFDA Celebrates Members for Excellence in Service to Families and Communities
  2. Ellison expanding career and funeral home
  3. Jason Harrell is new president of Texas Funeral Directors Association