Here’s Why 2023 Might Be a Funeral Game Changer | FFFW #118

ENJOY Friday Funeral Fast Wrap Funeral Industry News January 6, 2023

Here’s Why 2023 Might Be a Funeral Game Changer | FFFW #118

Welcome to 2023! Is anyone else already okay with it? Like, January 1st already feels so long ago- I’m here for it. Sometimes getting used to a new year feels like breaking in a pair of shoes; to me, this week has felt like my favorite grass cutters.

Anyway, I made a few resolutions for the FFFW, and because this is OUR thing, I figured I’d share them with you.

1)  Use even more gifs of puppies. There are no negatives to this.
2) Use the word “Hullaballoo” at least a couple of times3) Continue to create a little bit of levity every Friday for you hardworking peeps in the funeral space!

Let’s get to it!

Fridays till Christmas: 50


Get the New Year Rocking!

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Predictions for 2023 in the Funeral Space

1) 60+ aged funeral directors will continue to wear suits that are a size too large.

2) Golden doodle grief dogs (which are just AI-generated puppet mutts)  will become feral. This will make funeral homes consider getting grief pets that actually have a personality.

3) Gen-Z will start using the term “embalmed” as some sort of slang. This will create a slight uptick in traditional burial rates. You know- just for the joke of it.

There you go. Prove me wrong.

You Otter Be Proud

1) Selected Releases 2023 Events Calendar
2) Renner Funeral Home plans expansion in Belleville with help from tax break
3) Local funeral directors lauded for 50 years in business