Funeral Home Emojis? | FFFW #102

ENJOY Friday Funeral Fast Wrap Funeral Industry News September 2, 2022

Funeral Home Emojis? | FFFW #102

We’ve made it to September, and after this whole summer of heatwaves and humidity- I’m ready for the fall. So, today is a very good day! We’re gonna kick off your September the right way with some FFFW goodness! Happy Friday!

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Funeral Emojis

I’ve heard it said that we’re heading back in time to hieroglyphs. We’re using symbols (emojis) more and more in place of words. My co-worker and I were discussing this the other day and went through the whole catalog of Apple emojis.

I was reminded that there is a small but significant library of “Funeral” emojis. So here are all the options you have next time you want to spice up your work messages.


There you go! You have a coffin, a headstone, two types of urns and a church. Do you even need words now?


Always tell someone your password!

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