These Urns Can Save Your Funeral Home So Much Money! | FFFW #79

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These Urns Can Save Your Funeral Home So Much Money! | FFFW #79

ICCFA 2022 in Vegas is all wrapped up. So, next week, funeral professionals get to tell their partners how they lost last year’s profits on a roulette wheel. Best of luck to ya!

Whether or not you spent the week in Vegas, I want to give you a little game of chance. Click one of the following links- two will lead you to a GIF of someone getting wrecked, one will be of an otter (the winner).
a) This one?
b) Maybe this one?
c) Or is it this one??

Make It Simple

Families gravitate toward businesses that make their life easier. 

They’re online ordering groceries, dog food, alcohol – the list continues to grow.

So why not make their lives easier during one of the most difficult times? 
Online arrangements are here to stay and Parting Pro takes care of all of the details that make the family experience better.

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Urn It

Supply chains across the whole globe have been whack recently. And I’m just thinking if there were to be an urn shortage- you would have to get creative. So, I’ve thought of several things that are probably just laying around that could be the perfect urn in a pinch.

1) All those decorations that look like urns

I can’t be the only one who constantly sees these. People in their 70s and 80s have so many decorations in their house that look like urns- but they’re not. Though they look like they’re made for holding cremains, most of them are holding a whole lot of nothing. So in a pinch, visit any person named “Beatrice” and take her decor.

2) Pringles Can

These cans are terrible if your intention is to be able to reach your hand into it without getting stuck. However, if you need to hold a large amount of anything- I think they’re kinda perfect.

3) Hipster Mason Jars

Remember in 2015 when everyone decided that mason jars were the perfect container for everything? I’m talking drinks, salads, cakes, lights, paper notes. The list goes on and on. Well, if they can hold all of that stuff- I think they can hold grandma.

4) 7/11 Slushie cups.

No explanation needed.

There you go, in a pinch- get creative!

Comic of the Week

yURNing for more.

You Otter Be Proud

Let’s be honest, our profession gets a lot of negative press, so we’ve searched the internet to find stories of funeral things getting respect, and doing great things!
1) New Beginnings for Legacy Funeral Home
2) Worlein funeral directors ready to take frigid dip for very special camp