CANA Publishes Helpful Tools for Consumer Education

CANA Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases July 7, 2019
CANA Publishes Helpful Tools for Consumer Education

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CANA Publishes Helpful Tools for Consumer Education

WHEELING, IL—Recent research conducted by CANA has clearly demonstrated that when it comes to death care and cremation terminology, consumers don’t necessarily speak the same language as industry professionals. It is essential to find ways to bridge this gap so as to better serve families in need of assistance.

CANA’s new brochures and postcards are designed to allow families to learn about the actual mechanics of the cremation process and address their concerns about the service and product options that are available to them. Consumers are also guided to approach the expertise of cremationists, cemeterians, and funeral directors as the ideal source to answer their questions and help them to fulfill their plans.

Relevant and Timely Topics

  • HOW CAN CREMATED REMAINS REST IN PEACE? —Explaining what memorialization is and the many ways to make it meaningful.
  • TIME TO REFLECT ON WHAT FEELS RIGHT—Contemplating the upsides and downsides to various options for cremation service.
  • THE CREMATION PROCESS: UNDERSTANDING HOW IT WORKS—A technical explanation of how the body progresses through the cremation process, chain of identification, and what is in cremated remains and crematory emissions.
  • TRANSPORT OF CREMATED REMAINS—Information gathered from the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration on flying domestically and internationally with cremated remains.
  • CREMATION AND CATHOLIC TRADITION—Guidance drawn from Church instructions for Catholic families who choose cremation.
  • CREMATION AND THE VETERAN—An explanation of memorialization options for the cremated remains of U.S. Veterans, including introductions to eligibility and applications.

Discover More

For those who would like to see the print quality and read the complete content of all six pieces, CANA is offering a sample kit that includes one copy of each brochure and each card—all for just $5 (shipping and handling included). Visit to find out how to obtain samples and get detailed information on pricing and ordering, including personalization options and discounts for bulk orders.

About CANA

Founded in 1913, the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) is an international organization of over 3,300 members, composed of funeral homes, cemeteries, crematories, industry suppliers, and consultants. CANA members believe that cremation is preparation for memorialization.