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Did Just Screw Thousands of Funeral Homes?

April 23, 2015

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Did Just Screw Thousands of Funeral Homes?

Yesterday’s announcement that was acquired by just screwed thousands of funeral homes.

Look, I get business and I understand why took the big money over staying the course and accomplishing the mission by forever changing the way funeral homes published obituaries.

Over the years has been thrown into the same nasty pit with (who in my opinion is doing absolutely nothing to better funeral service) when obituary conversations come up and they have spent many years trying to explain to the funeral profession as to why they are different then They didn’t want to be considered evil like

Need proof? Here is an interview we did with John Heald, VP of and funeral home owner. John talks about the value of and how they are building a solid obituary platform by partnering with funeral homes not hindering them. John talks in-depth about the goal of and how proud he is that is changing the game by partnering with funeral homes.

Fast-forward 3 years to today and now those funeral homes who bought into the goal of and partnered with just got railed because sold to the devil.

It’s a huge win for but a total punch in the stomach for funeral homes.

Here is how works:

From my understanding it goes something like this; funeral home/director spends multiple hours crafting an obituary with family – family pays $400 to have obituary published in newspaper – grabs the obituary from the newspaper or serves the obituary to the newspaper depending on arrangement with funeral home – obituary now lives on where they are cashing in on visits to the obituary by displaying distasteful belly fat ads (among other crap) – someone in local community searches Google for the obituary – instead of the local community member visiting the funeral home website to read the obituary, they end up at because has 5 links that appear for the obituary ahead of the funeral home website in Google search results.

One of the main valuables in funeral homes partnering with was that had the ability to appear above in obituary search results – meaning if the funeral home was partnered with Tributes then the funeral home would still get the web traffic when a user click the obituary search result.  Guess what happens now? Refer to above where is says, ‘Here is how works’.

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