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Facebook Announces “Save” Feature

August 4, 2014

Facebook Announces “Save” Feature

Article By Disrupt Media

If there’s one thing Facebook understands, it’s that an enormous number of people are checking their news feed and reading posts while they’re at work or commuting. A lot of content marketers understand this too which is why we’ve seen a rise in bite-size content, aimed to be “easily digested”.

However Facebook have found another way. On Monday they revealed the introduction of a “Save” feature. What this allows you to do is save a post so that you can easily find it later. There are already apps and browser extensions that aim to do a similar thing but by having the option in Facebook itself should be really convenient.


Your saved posts are synced across the desktop and mobile apps so you could spot something while you’re on the train and read it on your computer once you get home. Or what might be more likely, spot something on your work computer and check it out during the journey home.

What’s especially nice about the new feature is that Facebook will remind you when you have something saved. This should help prevent the problem that happens to many of us where we bookmark something for later, only to forget about it for months on end.

This should be great news for content marketers because it means rather than timing longer content for when people are at home, you can get their attention at any time of day and they can easily find that content again when they have time for it.

But what do you think? Do you think it will help content get read? Please add your thoughts and comment below.