Funeral Services Profession Survey Results Now Available! 61 Pages, 119 Charts!

September 10, 2012

Funeral Services Profession Survey Results Now Available! 61 Pages, 119 Charts!

We wanted to conduct a Survey of the community and the funeral profession as a whole. This survey was sent out by numourous funeral profession associations through email and social media links.

We contacted Timothy J. O’Brien, M.S. of ISMPI, Inc. to assist in developing and conducting the survey.

In an effort to get relevant input, the survey was divided into two parts. This Survey of licensed Funeral Directors, and a Survey of Vendors, Suppliers, and Support Groups. The results of the Vendors, Suppliers, and Support Groups have already been reported.

Overall, 631 individuals participated in the Survey: 454 Funeral Directors and 177 who are Vendors, Suppliers, and Support Groups to the Funeral Services Profession (FSP).

This survey of Funeral Directors is not a scientific survey because it was conducted on-line and there is no practical way to determine whether or not the group of those who responded represents the full population of Funeral Directors.

With that said, the data gathered is both interesting and useful. And, as you will see in the following charts, the respondents do closely mirror the FSP in several ways.

Commentary on each chart was provided by Timothy J. O’Brien, M.S. Survey Developer & Facilitator

Download PDF of Funeral Services Profession Survey Results! 61 Pages, 119 Charts!:

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