Foveo: A polished, professional Livestream your Families will cherish forever

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Foveo: A polished, professional Livestream your Families will cherish forever

Remember 2019, when only a handful of families knew about or requested that you record their loved ones’ funerals? When the pandemic hit, funeral live streaming wasn’t just an option; it became a necessity. Most funeral homes scrambled to get something — anything — in place to stream and share services online. Today, though, you know what your families want and what your team needs, and not just any livestreaming platform will do. Now that you’re ready to step up your livestreaming game, let us introduce you to Foveo.

Foveo isn’t your basic, traditional livestreaming service. It offers the simplicity of streaming on popular social platforms with the production quality and family-friendly features you’d enjoy working with an in-house professional videographer. With Foveo, outstanding video is just the beginning. Foveo also gives you the tools and data you need to drive ongoing guest engagement on a platform that families can customize as their own and return to again and again.

Leadership through meaningful experiences

While funeral streaming is commonplace today, leading businesses are raising the bar when it comes to the types of experiences they offer guests who attend via live stream.  Trajan Schulzke, Foveo founder and CEO, understands that deathcare professionals may not be streaming experts, but he recognizes that they are ultimately skilled experience designers and event hosts. “Funeral professionals pay tremendous attention to the details that make in-person experiences meaningful. But the speed at which the profession had to embrace live streaming often still shows through as uncharacteristic disconnects between their in-person and online experiences. We focused on bridging that gap, and that’s why we call Foveo a Funeral Experience Platform™,” Schulzke explains.    

Foveo can connect your carefully crafted in-person events quickly and easily to a personalized, digital brand experience for online guests. Centered around the live broadcast, Foveo’s platform offers several new ways for families and guests to thoughtfully engage in the online experience. “Our platform, SimplicityCam™, mobile app and live support team work together to ensure every live stream experience can be a natural extension of the in-person funeral experience, from start to finish.” 

Simple tech and Platform innovations

Foveo’s SimplicityCam™ packs a lot of professional streaming features into a compact mobile kit you can take anywhere, from your chapel to a rural cemetery and beyond. Even if you’ve already invested in livestreaming equipment, you can still stream easily on the Foveo platform—and with the DirectorView™ app installed, you can control the stream from your own phone or tablet. 

DirectorView™ is creating new levels of confidence, customization, and control in funeral streaming. It gives you live stream remote controls, real time broadcast monitoring, offline recording, and automatic tribute video integration. “Our app makes it possible to manage an entire live stream with just a few taps,” says Schulzke. “It’s truly a breakthrough in simplifying live streaming for funeral professionals. 

An uninterrupted, fully supported, high-definition live stream with fantastic audio and integrated videos that you can control from your phone is only the beginning of a revolution in funeral streaming that Foveo is leading. The new guest experience is something that you almost have to experience for yourself to really get a sense for how it focuses the mind and engages guests in the moment.   

Creating value for Customers and your Funeral Home 

Schulzke and the Foveo team credit families and the deathcare professionals they worked with for the inspiration to design a platform that truly connects you with your communities through personalization and interactive engagement features that enable you to grow your brand and business.

For example, guests register to attend via live stream, and the Foveo platform automatically sends personalized, branded confirmation and reminder messages on your behalf ahead of the broadcast. After the service, they also receive a thank you message from you with a link to the recording.  Foveo also knows if a guest missed the live stream and sends a different message and link, so they can watch the service on demand. 

“Guest registration is an extremely important feature for funeral homes and cemeteries,” notes Schulzke. “The data collected can provide an exceptionally targeted boost to planned outreach and marketing efforts, especially after the audiences have had positive digital experiences with their brand.”  

Focused on Families and their Guests

Foveo’s unique focus on family engagement is another example of what takes this livestreaming platform to the next level. Families can sign in and personalize the broadcast experience for online guests, choosing a custom theme and lovingly curating a Remembering Wall™ display of photos, videos, documents, audio files and other artifacts that bring out the true color and meaning of their loved one’s life. They can also upload the Order of Service to share with everyone. Schulzke’s passion for their work comes out as he explains, “We’ve created a special way for families and guests to connect through the legacy of their loved one.”

Similarly, guests, once welcomed by the Remembering Wall™, are invited to upload their own captioned photos and recordings to the Gallery. They can also write or record audio or video greetings and condolences. Families can also deactivate any of the engagement features.

“Foveo lets families choose their own privacy settings,” explains Schulzke. “In addition, if someone registers, and they really don’t want them to be involved, they can actually deny their access to the livestream — or they can give them access to the stream and deny access to the recording or download.”

Permanent memorialization with ForeverLink™

Perhaps best of all is the fact that the URL link to the live stream, Remembering Wall™, Gallery and more, is personalized with your funeral home’s name and the name of the loved one. It’s a truly personal and memorable way to help family members and guests to easily return to post pictures or memories or simply in a moment of remembrance. 

ForeverLink™ sites also feature your funeral home’s branding and location and contact information, including funeral director profiles to help customers establish contact with you.  

Schulzke and the Foveo team are constantly listening to the deathcare professionals they serve and adding new features for families. They’re already developing eCards and other ways in which guests might be able to show their support — all while guests spend a solemn moment on their loved one’s Forever.Link™.

“What we’re really trying to do is help families create something that’s so personal,” Schulzke explains. “Attending a funeral live stream with Foveo is designed to reduce the distance. And when someone signs in, they realize that you really thought about them and wanted to share this special moment with them, too.”

Real support when you need it

Everyone who uses Foveo—deathcare professionals, families, and their guests—has access to the platform’s live support team as part of their unlimited streaming subscriptions at no additional cost. In fact, Foveo’s most recent innovations allow them to lower their prices without sacrificing access to their live support and resources. “We have a live support specialist monitoring every stream. If something comes up, whether it’s a low camera battery or audio static, we’re able to contact the funeral home and help right away,” says Schulzke. 

Foveo offers three subscriptions to its new platform which vary by the level of support and data access to data you’re looking for. “We believe that every family should be able to have a professional quality live stream and a permanent digital memorial for their loved one,,” Schulzke says. “Foveo has launched the simplest, most-powerful funeral experience platform that anyone can use to meet those needs and add tremendous value to the services they already offer.

Download Foveo’s free DirectorView™ app and register it today to get started on a free trial. It’s the best way to experience first-hand everything Foveo that has to offer. Learn more here.