Question Everything With Brian Waters

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CANA Brian Waters

Question Everything With Brian Waters

Get at the Why at CANA’s 104th Convention

WHEELING, IL— “Let me pose this question to you: What is an essential part of funerals that everyone has overlooked—from suppliers, to educators and to us, the funeral directors?” Brian Waters asks. “I’m normally not one to point out a problem unless I have a solution to offer, but this situation can’t wait for me to have the perfect answer. That answer lies with you, in the collective mind of funeral directors across the nation. Together, if we think this through, I guarantee there is a brilliant idea out there. And when you have it, please share.”

Intrigued? CANA invites you to discuss the why of our operations, the value our families are seeking, and how we can grow as cremation providers. Brian Waters, funeral director, embalmer and host of Undertaking: The Podcast, kicks off CANA’s 104th Cremation Innovation Convention by questioning industry trends, ideas, best practices, and pretty much everything we do.

In the course of hosting more than 380 episodes of Undertaking: The Podcast, Brian has talked to funeral directors across the country to learn what they know. “I’ve constantly heard about ways to improve business, increase cremation profits and connect with families on Facebook. I’m inundated with news of new products that will ‘disrupt’ death care or new methods of disposition that will make us ‘think outside of the box’. In my journey with the podcast, I’ve been obsessed with learning new ways to explain the value of a funeral director and a funeral.”

Now, Brian takes the CANA stage to share some of what he’s learned from the experience. “We have an opportunity like never before,” Brian says. “COVID-19 has told Americans ‘no’ for over a year now. Over that time, we have seen what happens when people cannot gather to say goodbye and receive the support of their neighbors.  The value of a funeral has never been more obvious and now is our time to reinforce that value with our community.”

He’s followed with sessions from experts on a variety of topics that matter to the future of the funeral profession:

  • Michael Dixon and Kim Zavrotny, of Funeral Professional Peer Support, talk about stress and burnout in the workplace and how we’re Stronger Together: The Value of Peer Support.
  • Jake Johnson, President & CEO of Johnson Consulting, helps attendees set their goals and priorities with Interactive Strategic Planning.
  • CANA’s own Barbara Kemmis facilitates a discussion on Cremation Trends Part 1: Statistics and Business Diversification with expert insights from leaders across the profession.
  • Cremation Trends Part 2: Cremation Memorialization introduces the results of brand-new research on memorialization trends in the US and Canada.
  • John Baker and Judy Olson, of National Guardian Life Insurance, share their data and experience with Cremation & Preneed.
  • …plus, the always popular Roundtable Conversations offer collaborative discussion on solutions and new ideas for all attendees!

Question everything with Brian Waters! Savor your bite of the Big Peach and join CANA for the 104th Cremation Innovation Convention August 17-19 at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit to see what else we have planned for the event and register to join other cremation business owners and managers from across the country.


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