FUNERAweb: The First Choice for Flawless Funeral Livestreaming for More Than 17 Years

DISCOVER Funeral Industry News Products & Services April 26, 2022

FUNERAweb: The First Choice for Flawless Funeral Livestreaming for More Than 17 Years

The pandemic inspired some folks to try new things or start new businesses to meet brand new demands. Others, though, used this time to refine and improve products as well as services that had already been proven reliable, effective, and effortless. That’s exactly what happened with FUNERAweb, a company which has provided uncomplicated, top-quality Livestreaming technology for deathcare professionals since 2005.

“Last year we served over 30,000 livestreams, with over three million views,” explains Corey Jordan, Vice President of Business Development at FUNERAweb. “We’re very proud to have served that many families.”

Developed by Funeral Directors for Funeral Directors

FUNERAweb, which has offices in Quebec City and Montreal, works with more than 500 funeral homes. They’ve been known for years as the leading livestreaming company in their native Canada, and Jordan and his team are excited to expand beyond those borders.

“We’re trying to share the news with the rest of the North American deathcare community,” Jordan says.

It’s a deathcare community with whom Jordan and his colleagues are quite familiar. Jordan has been in the business for 15 years, working in a funeral home as a director/ embalmer, operations manager and as the North American Sales Director of a large funeral company. He’s not the only one, though. Several of FUNERAweb’s 25 full-time employees also hail from deathcare backgrounds.

“We have employees who are funeral directors and embalmers,” Jordan says, “so we’ve designed FUNERAweb from that viewpoint.

With the understanding that the profession, unfortunately, has a high turnover rate, FUNERAweb’s livestreaming technology is built for simple setup and ease of operation. In fact, it takes less than 20 minutes to go from downloading the app for the first time to shooting your first livestream service.

“It’s not complicated at all,” Jordan adds. “Because we’ve been doing this since 2005, we’re not in the mode of creating an app or figuring out the bugs. We’re now in the space of just improving it to the max.”

Maximum Improvement to Minimize Potential Issues

Getting started with FUNERAweb is as simple as downloading the app — which is available for Android and iOS — and recording. Although the app can be used on any smartphone or tablet, Jordan explains that most facilities use a dedicated mobile device for livestreaming so as not to be interrupted by phone calls or texts while recording. Even if there is an interruption in the video recording, though — such as during the transition from the funeral home to the cemetery or due to a Wi-Fi issue — FUNERAweb has you covered.

“If the internet goes down, most livestreaming providers require you to go back and re-upload the video you’ve recorded,” Jordan says. “With FUNERAweb, you just keep recording and the video automatically uploads as soon as you’re in range of Wi-Fi or cellular data. It literally merges seamlessly. We’ve taken all the ‘what-ifs’ out.”

Another “what-if” FUNERAweb has removed is the issue of music rebroadcasting rights. The technology handles this potential problem in a truly fascinating manner.

“If you don’t have the rights to music, you can’t legally rebroadcast it,” Jordan explains. “It’s actually illegal, and YouTube or Facebook can actually shut down your livestream. Our system actually detects the music that’s playing and transitions it to royalty-free music. As the song ends, it transitions back to the service.”

An Exceptional Viewing Experience

With FUNERAweb, your viewing audience has no idea what’s going on behind the scenes — all they see and hear is the seamless livestream broadcast or recording. Because FUNERAweb’s interface is integrated into the look and feel of your funeral home’s website, the viewer can easily find the video during or after the service and even leave an online condolence message.

Another unique and truly useful feature for viewers is the ability to easily select and watch only certain portions of the recording. FUNERAweb’s platform captures each of the different aspects of the services for an individual — for example, the visitation, chapel or church service, and the graveside — all in one stream of code. When it’s ready for viewing, the FUNERAweb technology presents each portion as a “chapter” without any video splicing or editing on your part.

“With this FUNERAweb feature, viewers are able to watch whatever part of the service they weren’t able to attend without watching or forwarding through three or four hours of video,” Jordan explains. 

Get Started Today

Best of all, FUNERAweb doesn’t require a long-term commitment or hefty down payment. The service is available for a low monthly scaled fee with flexibility. FUNERAweb will even provide video equipment if necessary.

To start recording with Funeraweb today, reach out to Corey Jordan and the FUNERAweb team at or call 1-888-717-6633.