Spread Random Acts of Kindness This Holiday Season

Funeral Industry News GROW Human Resources December 8, 2021
Acts of Kindness

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Spread Random Acts of Kindness This Holiday Season

Thank you to Dr. Davana Pilczuk of The Human Performance Group for this article. Dr. Pilczuk is an award-winning kinesiologist who specializes in human performance. She is a speaker, writer and consultant for Fortune 500 companies, sports teams and small businesses.

What a doozy we’ve had these last two years. We have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to be not so thankful for. It’s often very easy to focus on the things that upset us, the things we don’t have and to allow the negativity to consume us. But I challenge you to remain optimistic. So, this holiday season, I have a great story for you to share with your staff and your family. It’s called The Tale of Two Wolves. 

There once was an old Cherokee chief who saw his grandson sitting by the river crying. The grandson had been betrayed by a friend and was clearly hurting. The chief said to the little boy, “I too had my heart broken just like you and what you are feeling is the battle of the two wolves.” The little boy said to his grandfather “Who are the two wolves?” The chief replied “In each of us lives two wolves. One wolf lives off of hate, anger, revenge, and jealousy. The other wolf lives off love, forgiveness, patience and kindness. These two wolves are always fighting deep within us.” The little boy looked at him and said, “which wolf wins?” and the chief replied with a twinkle in his eye, “The one you feed.”

We all have the two wolves in us and it is in our control to determine how we interpret and respond to life. We control our response to life. I repeat, WE control how we respond. If you look for the bad, you will find it. And if you look for the good, you will find it. Whatever you look for, you WILL find it.

Today as I drove home during rush hour, I stopped at a red light. To my left, was a homeless man holding a sign asking for help. He was skinny and worn. As I watched him walk up and down the lane with his sign, my mind started to guess why he was homeless. Maybe he wasn’t actually homeless. Maybe he was tricking us into giving him money. Maybe he deserved to be homeless because he had done something bad. Or maybe he was just a human being, in pain, in need of help. As I sat there, the wolves fought within me, until my daughter leaned over and said “Mom, give him some money. He looks hungry.” So I did. 

As I rolled down my window, I handed him a few dollars and said “Please take care of yourself” to which he replied “thank you for your kindness ma’am.” As I rolled up my window, a crazy thing happened. The pickup truck in front of me had been watching me. The driver smiled at me and then he reached out his window towards the homeless man and handed him a few dollars. Then, as if on cue, I looked in my side mirror and saw the car directly behind me reach out their hand with money. My daughter then shouted “I think he needs a Coke!” and she climbed into the back seat and grabbed a soda. So once again I rolled down my window and handed the man a drink. As I apologized for the generic brand cola, I noticed his face was beaming with gratitude. I felt an unusual sense of goodness flow over me.

 As the man turned away from me to drink his soda, the car behind me reached their arm out one more time. This time, a bag of Cheetos dangled from the anonymous hand. I looked at my daughter who’s saucer size eyes gleamed with pride and I said “your kindness spread.”

Hate and anger spread like wild fire. They are emotions deeply tied to our souls. But love and kindness can spread too and they can spread even faster. Why? Because we are social creatures and social creatures look to each to determine how we should act. If we lead if with anger, others will follow. But if we lead with kindness, we teach others how to do the same. And I guarantee you, all the cars that were sitting on Exit 102, watching our displays of kindness felt a sense of peace and goodness come over them too. Happy holidays friends and may you continue to spread random acts of kindness throughout your days.

Davana Pilczuk has a doctorate in kinesiology and specializes in helping individuals and teams perform better at work, in sports, or in life. Follow her on Twitter @DavanaHPG or contact her at davanapilczuk@hotmail.com