Suicide Awareness & Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week

Embalming Funeral Industry News GROW September 7, 2021
Embalming Tip of the Week

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Suicide Awareness & Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week

September is Suicide Awareness Month, and a good time to learn more about handling suicide cases. Please join Monica Torres’s upcoming class on Death by Overdose, a virtual event that’s open to the public, on Sept. 16, 2021 from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm MST. Partial proceeds go to Vetdrenaline, a charitable organization which supports struggling vets.

To register, click here:

We are excited to collaborate with Cold Hands and Monica Torres, renowned licensed funeral director, embalmer, cremationist, cosmetic reconstructive specialist, desairologist, and owner/founder ofNXT Generation Mortuary Support! Every week Connecting Directors will now share “Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week,” which Monica posts each Sunday afternoon to her Instagram channel @coldhandshosts.

Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week: Use Vascular Conditioner to Push Pharmaceutical Waste Out of the Arterial System

These cases are tough on everyone including the embalmer. Often times discoloration of the face is a serious issue as deceased persons in this situation are often found laying face down. In this position bloodis allowed to pool in the interstitial tissues which causes capillaries to become clouded.

Dealing with cases where pharmaceuticalsare present in the vascular system can be tricky. I like to use a preinject to help condition the vascular system before adding my preservative chemical aid. Using an accessory chemical/anti coagulant like Adkins Defridge or Hexyethelphenoform will help to push any blood clots through and help with clearing of clouded areas

Pro tip :

Remember that fluid runs in the path of least resistance and give the chemicals time (15 min or so) to do their job. Massage also helps but utilizing a vascular conditioner is a great way to set yourself up for real success. Very rarely will I add water to my tank to a known case where drugsare involved. The Dodge “waterless method” is my preferred method to treat these hard cases.

Hope you liked this week’s tip and hope to see you in class this Thursday where we will be opening up this difficult conversation for the public.

Until next week, Happy Embalming!

If you are suicidal please call for help:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Hours: Available 24 hours
Languages: English, Spanish.
Phone: 1-800-273-8255