Osiris Software partners with the Travel Plan by Inman

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Osiris Software partners with the Travel Plan by Inman

Osiris Software, the leading provider of funeral home, cemetery and crematory management software partners with the Travel Plan by Inman.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dave McComb and the Travel Plan by Inman team to offer an efficient way for our Osiris customers to submit a Travel Plan sale via our pre-need software, Kara Ludlum President of Osiris Software. “The Travel Plan button integrates with Osiris software and provides for a seamless sales submission- no double entry of data”.

“Our goal is to allow funeral professionals more time to serve their families and partnering with Osiris provides a huge time-savings for our Travel Plan marketers. “The Travel Plan button in Osiris pre-need will allow preneed counselors to utilize single data entry and efficiency for submitting Travel Plan sales,” Dave McComb, CEO Inman Shipping Worldwide.  “One click of the button and the sale is received at our office and processed immediately.”


Since 2009, Osiris Software has been carefully crafted to meet all of your funeral home, cemetery or crematory software needs.  Our company was founded and supported by experts in the fields of accounting, software development and death care industry.  This unique background has allowed us to develop Osiris Software to be the unmatched solution for death care management software.  Osiris software is the only software to offer accounting services and oversee the integration between your management software and your accounting system.  Since our inception, we’ve been helping funeral homes, cemetery and crematory businesses proper through innovative solutions and world class customer service.

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Travel Plan by Inman:

The Travel Plan by Inman is a travel protection product of Inman Shipping Worldwide and uses Inman’s network of vetted service providers for Plan fulfillment.  The Travel Plan brings a loved one home if they die 75 miles or more from their legal address. 

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