SEO Tips – How to Rank for Competitive Funeral Home and Crematory Keywords

Funeral Industry News GROW Marketing January 7, 2021
Alan Hillsberg Keywords

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SEO Tips – How to Rank for Competitive Funeral Home and Crematory Keywords

Thanks to Alan Hillsberg of Funeral Marketing Services for contributing this article!

I’m going to show you an easy way to rank for competitive keywords in the funeral home industry. 

Check This Out:

Whenever you do a search for a competitive keyword, you’ll typically see terms that rank at the top that will say “what is or how to.”

Here is an example; Google the search term “Voip,” a high traffic nationally ranked keyword showing 40,500 searches per month. I chose this keyword because it’s harder to rank in every state and city than it is to rank within a 20 mile radius of your funeral home or crematory. The point in showing you how to rank for top positions in Google for nationally ranked keywords will make it so much easier to rank in your much smaller targeted market.  

As you can see there is a lot of “what is” type of articles that are on top of the page for this high competitive search term, so if you want to rank for competitive terms like cremation, consider writing creative content for “what is” and “how to” topics for keywords relevant to our field.

Example titles could be; How does funeral pre-planning work, or what are the different types of cremation services available? 

Google likes ranking informational topics because people are doing a search for informational related keywords. This strategy doesn’t work for all competitive keywords but I find it works best for a product or service a consumer wants to understand.

So for funeral homes and crematories, when a family is faced with an end of life situation, funeral arrangements become front and center. Families immediately have questions. One major question families have is price.Everyone has their price shoppers. Why not create an article on “What is the Cost of Cremation.” Subtitles in that article could be, “What are the different forms of cremation services available and what are the associated costs?” or  “What is the benefit of Cremation vs. a traditional burial?” What about “How to make funeral pre-planning arrangements and what are the many benefits to your family?”

When writing these types of articles you also need to ask yourself how do I get these articles to convert for me? 

Here’s an example:

 What Is VoIP & How Does It Work?  

This article breaks it all down. It’s super thorough and detailed. It’s got a table of contents (illustrated above) that leads to different sections of interest in the article. It’s got great graphics, and look at the map. This is an example of a good article. They have a call to action on the top right of the page, they are linking to other internal pages located on their website, and images throughout the article are taking the user to different landing pages to test out or buy their products.

If you want to rank for competitive terms consider writing a what is or how to article as they will give you the best chance to get ranked at the top of Google. You can use this for all the high traffic keywords you want to rank for and in all the cities important to you! That’s what we do for our clients.

If you have any questions or need help, reach out to me and I’ll do my best to help you out, and if you need help growing your rankings and your traffic to increase immediate need calls into your funeral home we will develop a personalized video specific to your funeral home and location completely free of charge showing you how to make that happen. 


 Alan Hillsberg is the founder and marketing director of Funeral Marketing Services. ( Their primary focus is creating visibility for your funeral home or crematory at the exact moment a family is doing an on-line search. Exclusively working with funeral homes and crematories has helped him develop a specialized knowledge in (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising with glowing testimonials from the clients he serves throughout the USA in the Death Care Space. Alan can be reached at or call 516-812-9326.