SRS Unveils New, Proprietary E-Signature Product

Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases SRS Computing May 8, 2020
SRS Unveils New, Proprietary E-Signature Product

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SRS Unveils New, Proprietary E-Signature Product

SRS Computing has released a brand-new e-signature tool that is built directly into their SRS software, eliminating the need for any third-party electronic signature tool such as DocuSign.

“Our team very quickly saw the need for funeral homes to be able to get signatures from families without being able to meet face-to-face to get them during this COVID-19 pandemic” says Kim Simons, VP of SRS Computing. “In less than 2 weeks, we were able to develop a brand-new electronic signature tool that we knew had to be miles ahead of what is currently available for funeral homes.  We didn’t just want something that communicated with third-party signing tools like what is currently available on the market, we wanted SRS clients to have something fully integrated for that streamlined experience they are used to with us.” adds Kim.

The SRS E-Signature tools gives funeral homes the ability to send unlimited forms and get unlimited signatures from families. There are no-per user fees and it is designed to replace any need for 3rd party e-signature tools like Docusign at a fraction of the cost.

“In just under three weeks, nearly two-hundred SRS customers have started using the fully integrated E-Signature tool and the feedback has been incredible. One funeral home said this will save them so much time with it being all integrated into their day-to-day software. They also said it will save them money by eliminating the need for Docusign” says Kim. “It was definitely a need that funeral homes had as a result of the pandemic, but something we know they will continue to use for years to come as part of their new normal” concludes Kim.

The new E-Signature tool from SRS is very easy to use. A funeral director can login to their SRS software and send any form to one or more family members to sign electronically. Families can then sign the form from anywhere and on any device and send it back to the funeral home in one-click, which also uploads directly into the funeral home’s SRS software.

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