APASI Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan: A Perfect and Profitable Preneed Partnership

Funeral Industry News Sponsored Post April 13, 2020
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APASI Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan: A Perfect and Profitable Preneed Partnership

American Pre-Arrangement Services, Inc., better known as APASI, offers a guaranteed lifetime membership above and beyond similar travel assurance plans. APASI’s 450,000 members enjoy coverage that includes exclusive benefits and priceless peace of mind whenever and wherever they travel.

Travel Plans and Preneed

When a person starts the funeral pre-arrangement process, they’re focused on one thing: preparing for their death. They’re tying up every potential loose end so their families won’t have to struggle financially or scramble to make decisions at an already difficult time.

These are the very same reasons your preneed clients need APASI’s comprehensive Travel Plan Membership — and why the preneed arrangement meeting is the perfect time to offer it to your clients. If the unthinkable happens when your client is away from home, APASI will carefully and lovingly manage every step in the tedious process of bringing that person home. 

Most funeral homes have only dealt with a few cases out of their county, out-of-state, or even out-of-the-country, so they are not familiar with the return process. Depending on the place of death, it could involve repatriation assistance, finding a translator, securing legal or estate services, scheduling flights, and in addition to partnering with a funeral home at the place of death. 

“In the last 24 months, I’ve had countless conversations with people who don’t know how to start this process,” says Andrew Pavela, APASI’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “If your client has an APASI plan, all of that can be taken care of in one phone call.”

Unprecedented Member Benefits

When people hear the terms “Travel Assurance” or “Travel Plan” they probably think about coverage they’d purchase before a vacation, cruise, or flight. They don’t think about what could happen when they’re just 75 miles from home. 

“In many of our cases our clients pass away less than eighteen hundred miles from home,” says Pavela. “But our plan covers deaths occurring just 75 miles from home. Think about how many times you’ve driven or traveled 75 miles away.” 

People travel 75 or more miles from home for many more reasons than for vacation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Americans travel 11 billion miles each day just traveling from one point to another. In addition to traveling for shopping, dining, visiting friends and family, or for business, tens of thousands of people travel more than 75 miles for specialized medical care. And unlike other Travel Plans, the APASI Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan™ covers deaths at medical facilities, even while out of the country.

“Our competitors won’t cover you if you’ve traveled out of the country for a medical procedure,” adds Tim Brashaw, Chief Executive Officer of APASI. “APASI will.”

Additionally, APASI’s plan covers a member for up to 180 consecutive days away from home. This is particularly relevant in today’s pandemic situation, where people have found themselves sheltering in place with family or friends instead of in their own homes. Pavela’s nearly-80-year-old aunt is currently in this exact situation, “stuck in Florida” waiting out travel restrictions.

Comparing Costs

The biggest benefit for members may be the amount of money they will save if the unthinkable happens while they’re away. Often, though, it’s that “unthinkable” aspect that keeps a person from buying a travel plan.

“A few years back, a married couple were offered our travel plan during their pre-arrangement meeting,” Pavela recalls. “The husband was six or seven years younger than the wife, and didn’t think he needed it, although she bought a plan. Unfortunately, he passed away in Florence, Italy during their second honeymoon trip. It cost the family nearly $10,000 to bring him back to Illinois.”

While transporting human remains internationally can easily cost families thousands, even domestic transport is expensive. Ground transportation alone averages $4.00 per mile. However, a lifetime membership in the APASI travel plan costs around $450, less than the average car payment. And unlike other Travel Plans, APASI’s members’ coverage is guaranteed. 

“Our members pay a one-time fee, and they’re covered for life,” explains Brashaw. “Our plan is backed by a unique insurance policy written especially for APASI by a large insurance company. This protects every single member. We want our members to be comfortable and secure in their plan for life.”

How to offer APASI to your Preneed Clients

The APASI, Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan™ is truly a product your clients deserve to know about. It’s affordable, comprehensive, guaranteed, and in comparison to the costs families might incur if a loved one dies away from home, it’s an incredible value. 

“Every Preneed Agent needs to offer the Travel Plan to all clients as part of their Pre-arrangements,” Brashaw advises. “We shouldn’t assume someone doesn’t need it or can’t afford it. When an Agent does not offer it, they’re making a financial decision not only for their client, but for their clients’ loved ones, who are going to be on the hook for the expenses.”

APASI doesn’t sell their travel plans directly to consumers. Instead, they work primarily with agents who sell their Travel Assurance Plans and routinely forward calls from consumers to one of their partners. However, some of the most frustrating calls they encounter are those where the caller has a preneed plan in place, but wants to add travel coverage.

“There should never be anyone who calls us and says they were never offered a Plan during their pre-arrangement visit,” says Pavela. “Families shouldn’t have to go out and find a Travel Plan on their own.”

It’s easy to start selling

Recently, APASI streamlined and simplified their process for agents to get started offering their Plans. In addition to thorough virtual training for agents, APASI provides printed materials, displays, and videos to help you market and educate your clients on the benefits of a Travel Plan. Producers also receive generous incentives for selling, APASI’s, Travel Plan Membership.

“If you’re an agent and you’re looking to offer something better — something that significantly subsidizes your income — you want to partner with APASI,” Brashaw says. To get started, visit https://www.apasiplan.com/partner/ to schedule a call with an APASI representative today.