FrontRunner Announces New Task Manager Tool 

Frontrunner Professional Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases November 7, 2019
FrontRunner Announces New Task Manager Tool 

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FrontRunner Announces New Task Manager Tool 

FrontRunner Professional is proud to announce the release of Task Manager, a new feature of the award-winning Pulse Business System. Task Manager is a digital scheduling board that efficiently coordinates and delegates a firm’s on-going tasks, events, and cases. This new tool takes the power of FrontRunner’s management software and elevates it to the next level.  

With family expectations growing, funeral professionals are doing and offering more than ever before. This means a heavier workload, more staff to manage, and ultimately more things to track.  

“Task Manager was built to help funeral professionals stay organized and manage their firms more efficiently. It is no longer realistic to effectively track all your daily tasks and cases with a whiteboard or Post-it Notes. Task Manager takes your ‘To-Do List’ to a digital platform,” says Jules Green, CEO of FrontRunner Professional.  

Task Manager not only creates a list of all tasks to be completed, but it allows users to assign those tasks to staff members, set deadlines, mark tasks based on priority, and track the progress of them towards completion. 

Furthermore, Task Manager has built-in communication functionality. Users can set automated emails and text messages to send notifications for any type of activity. Staff members can even comment directly on a task when they need help. This can trigger a notification to management to allow for a quick response. 

“Funeral professionals will find that Task Manager is simple to use and makes their lives much easier. This one tool has the power to greatly improve a firm’s efficiency, internal communication, and task delegation,” concludes Green.

For more details about Task Manager, contact the FrontRunner team today by phone at 1-866-748-3625 or by scheduling a free demo at

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