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Pierce Adds Body Lift To It’s Prep Room Product Line

May 17, 2019

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Pierce Adds Body Lift To It’s Prep Room Product Line

DALLAS, TX – Pierce has expanded its prep room equipment product line to include the Body Lift™ device, an innovative mechanism that allows one person to easily transfer bodies from one area in the prep room to another. The Pierce Body Lift reduces potential back strain and other injuries to prep room staff that can be caused by manually lifting bodies.

Pierce Body Lift™ has evolved throughout the years since its introduction in the mid-2000s as the Body Scoop™ by B-Mobile, Inc., which was acquired by Pierce in early 2019. Wayne Blacklock, former president of B-Mobile, further modified the design based on funeral professionals’ feedback so that the scoops lock under the body with no lifting and the lifting motor provides a smooth lift from table to table and casketing.

The ceiling-mounted systems can be designed with a simple single rail over the embalming table, or an H-shaped rail configuration covering the complete preparation room. All of the lifts are installed by certified installers across the United States.

“The Pierce Body Lift is truly compatible with our line of prep room equipment which not only makes embalmers’ jobs easier but ensures they operate in a safe environment,” remarked Lance Ray, COO and Executive Vice-President of Pierce. “Constant lifting can not only lead to back injuries, but is also exhausting, so an investment in a Body Lift can even yield returns in staff productivity.”

There is also a financial return on investment in terms of time savings and reduced insurance costs, with an average 24-month ROI after installation of a Pierce Body Lift. In addition, funeral homes with less than 30 full-time employees and/or gross income up to $1 million may apply for the ADA section 44 (C1) $5,000 tax credit for an injury prevention program like this.

For more information on the Pierce Body Lift, contact a Pierce Sales Representative or call Pierce at 800.527.6419.