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FrontRunner Unveils its New ‘Final Resting Place’, GPS Enabled App

May 24, 2018

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FrontRunner Unveils its New ‘Final Resting Place’, GPS Enabled App

FrontRunner today announced the unveiling of the new GPS enabled App, Final Resting Place, which allows funeral homes, cemeteries and families to record the exact location of a loved ones remains. The app is designed to provide future generations with a permanent location that can be visited like any other traditional grave site.

The App can be downloaded by funeral homes, cemeteries and the public at large. It enables users to record their loved ones final resting place, whether it be in a cemetery or ashes spread in the middle of an ocean, which is then converted to GPS coordinates. Those coordinates are instantly attached to the Book of Memories Memorial Website to be permanently accessible online for future generations. In addition, it allows for a photo of the headstone or other key landmarks to be attached.

“Today, with such a rise in cremation and particularly with the scattering of cremated remains in remote, meaningful places, we wanted to create a simple tool that will allow future generations to return to the location and honor their loved one’s memory,” says Jason Truesdell, President of FrontRunner Professional. “It is a tremendous example of a great use of technology. There are a lot of families that take their deceased loved one to a specific location as their final resting place, without recording the location. Now, future generations will know exactly where to visit, years down the road,” concludes Truesdell.

For funeral homes, the App is particularly powerful as it gives them a form of mapping system attached to the Book of Memories memorial tribute page. It’s a service for their families that focuses on more than just helping the family today, but also years down the road, setting them further apart from their competition.

When it comes to smaller cemeteries that have limited budgets, the App can also be used as a no-cost platform to map out their cemetery. With a custom website solution and a memorial website platform, families will now be able to interact with and expand their loved one’s memorial and even assist in the cemetery mapping process by recording the final resting place themselves.

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