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Halcyon Deathcare Management Solutions Debuts Voice Data Entry

April 30, 2018

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Halcyon Deathcare Management Solutions Debuts Voice Data Entry

ATLANTA, GA- Halcyon Deathcare Management Solutions continues to innovate the deathcare industry as the first management solution to utilize voice recognition. You may now enter case data and other information simply by clicking a button to activate voice input and speaking. Recent studies have shown that voice data entry is now several times faster than typing even when any necessary spelling corrections are factored in.

“We are very excited to offer voice data entry and we think people will be surprised to learn that the voice recognition feature is included in Halcyon Platinum at no additional cost and without the need to purchase any additional hardware,” said Sara Gard, President & CEO of Halcyon DCMS. “We see so much potential for this feature. Users may find this feature particularly useful during an arrangement conference. In the past making arrangements on a computer in front of the family was seen as impersonal; however, as technology continues to become a part of our everyday lives people across all generations often expect to interact with a computer. Adding a large screen to the arrangement room will allow the family to see and validate the accuracy of the information as it is entered into the Halcyon management system. Voice data entry is a powerful tool that will allow funeral directors to enter the data much faster, especially for those funeral directors who use the two-finger hunt and peck method of data entry. Voice recognition allows the funeral director to spend less time typing on the keyboard and more time interacting directly with the family.”

To see voice data entry in action please visit for a short video.

Halcyon is a family-owned and operated company and a leading provider of comprehensive web-based deathcare management solutions for funeral homes and crematories. The company also offers a smartphone planner app and a family-friendly arrangement assistant which allows for family collaboration during the arrangement process both in and out of the office.

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