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Do You Know Bass-Mollett?

July 7, 2017

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Do You Know Bass-Mollett?

Article originally printed by Funeral Business Advisor and republished by with permission.

For over 65 years, Bass-Mollett Publishers has been an industry-leading provider of printed funeral stationery and supplies. Four generations of family have been proud to consistently serve the funeral profession as funeral home owners, licensed funeral directors and stationery manufacturers. Bass-Mollett’s mission has always been to provide customized solutions to funeral directors using excellent quality, value, and service so that each family they serve, may memorialize their loved ones with dignity.

Technology continues to evolve, enhance and revolutionize the funeral profession. As everyone knows, the funeral profession is in transition and funeral stationery is not immune to these changes.  Many funeral homes are adopting print-on-demand software to print at their locations, while others prefer to purchase pre-printed items or offer a hybrid of both products.

In 2000, Bass-Mollett introduced their first CD software program, Reflections of Life. Based on the Microsoft Word platform and templates, it was one of the first in the profession. Reflections of Life printed on all their pre-printed stationery. This program featured customizable and personalized products, but was limited. Many style enhancements were added over the years to make it more functional and effective. What lacked was the depth, dynamic and streamlined work flow compared to newer programs. In 2015, John Flowers, CEO of Bass-Mollett, made developing an industry-leading software product a strategic priority. “We had fallen too far behind in the software space,” Flowers said. He added “Our Mission of Helping Our Funeral Directors Enhance their Families Experiences wasn’t being fully realized with our Word-based offering and we had to make a major investment to change that. Our customers were giving us feedback that we needed to improve.”

After two years of development, Bass-Mollett would like to present its new industry-leading printing software, Director’s Print Suite. Director’s Print Suite fully utilizes the printing capabilities and enhances the functionality of the previous programs. This highly anticipated software is different than any other in the profession today. Bass-Mollett has created this software to suit and meet all criteria for the funeral profession’s printing and designing needs.  

With new features unsurpassed by others, Director’s Print Suite offers a cloud-based, 4-step, highly-intuitive program. The program is free of charge to all funeral homes using Bass-Mollett stationery to print on. There is no software to install, just a quick sign-up on the homepage and you’re ready to start creating.  Complete with Funeral Home management software integration, Director’s Print Suite takes the stress and worries off the funeral directors’ shoulders and gives them the time and tools to serve their families.

Director’s Print Suite features 3 printing styles and solutions, which is a unique first in the industry: Reflections of Life, Precious Memories and Lifetime Expressions. Each program is an easy, 4-step, customizable tool that will exceed expectations. No other print solution in the funeral profession offers the ability to print all 3 methodologies from the same platform with the exact same look, feel, and ease of use.

Reflections of Life is the standard pre-printed stationery that prints all Bass-Mollett’s standard pre-printed stationery suites. With over 300 books, box sets, cards, service records and bookmarks, the level of creativity and designing options is incomparable and surpasses previous limitations.

Precious Memories is a print-on-demand, plain paper solution. Not only can the director significantly reduce stationery inventory because all the designs print on the same blank paper,  but he or she can also now choose from over 300 designs, including the popular pre-printed 35 Bass-Mollett exclusive designs that can be printed on demand. Moreover, the director can customize his or her own background. This new printing style is becoming the most popular option; it lets the funeral director have total control over the entire process of printing.

Another unique feature displayed within Precious Memories is the option for either full bleed printing or white border option. For designs that go all the way to the edge of the paper, create a product, and separate away the perforated edge. If the director prefers a white border, there are no edges to separate. This gives the product a distinctive, personalized look that sets it apart from others while saving the directors and staff precious time from tearing off all the perforated edges other solutions in the industry use.

Lifetime Expressions is the premium, bordered stationery. It is for those who want the flexibility to print a more personalized product without the limits of the standard pre-printed paper. This luxurious, high quality pre-printed matching border stationery has a rich texture and design for that unique, high-quality look.  

These programs are all-in-one. From entering the case to printing, Bass-Mollett understands the director’s busy and hectic schedule. They want to alleviate that stress by providing a hassle free, one-stop shop program, directors can work on from anywhere. Since this program is cloud-based, access to it can be reached from any computer, any location, phone or tablet at any moment. Multiple users can now connect and collaborate accounts as well as data share among funeral home staff.

Funeral directors are in business for themselves, but never by themselves. Bass-Mollett provides one-on-one webinar training, scheduled at the director’s convince. In addition, they have an international network of industry-leading, sales professionals who have been fully trained in the software. And, with an unparalleled support team, Bass-Mollett takes the director’s call personally. They will always reach a live person during business hours—never a recording. Bass-Mollett’s dedicated team will go above and beyond to make sure all needs are met and all questions are answered.


Meet the Tech Team Taylor Potts, Carley Fletcher, Jeanna Haag, Kelli Lahr


To learn more about Directors Print Suite or Bass-Mollett, feel free to go to or contact 1-855-277-0436 to speak with the Bass-Mollett Technical Support Team or your local sales professional today.