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#TalkDeath: Bodies & Forensic Science with Vidal Herrera

March 13, 2016

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#TalkDeath: Bodies & Forensic Science with Vidal Herrera

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Qeepr is excited to announce the latest edition of #TalkDeath: Episode 3: Bodies & Forensic Science! Bodies after death, bodies on television, decomposing bodies and bodies under the scalpel. Bodies are all equally beautiful, intriguing and completely kept under wraps.

Hosts Mandy and Jeremy will be diving head first into this subject with retired Deputy Medical Investigator, owner of 1-800-AUTOPSY and Hollywood consultant Vidal Herrera LIVE onYouTube on March 18th @ 12pm EST(9am PST). Vidal has assisted with over 19,000 autopsies during his career and knows everything there is to know about bodies, death and forensic science.

We will be taking your questions live on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram as well as broadcasting your video questions to Vidal. But we want to know your burning questions now so start sending us them via social media with the hashtag #TalkDeath.