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MKJ Announces 2016 Seminar Programming

February 17, 2016

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MKJ Announces 2016 Seminar Programming

Largo, FL – At a time when most of the death care industry is talking about less, MKJ offers a seminar on MORE. Contrary to what many believe, the funeral business has never offered greater opportunity; it may not be business as usual, but there are proven opportunities for growing every aspect of your business.  WHY?  Because most of your competitors are satisfied watching their businesses decline year after year.  They don’t want to do what’s necessary to grow their business.

MKJ’s 2016 seminars focus on immediate strategies and marketing trends to increase your average sale and get more from the products and services you already offer:

  • Re-double your pre-need sales efforts
  • Multiply your marketing return
  • Capture add-on sales during funeral and cremation arrangements
  • Expand on e-commerce capabilities for online shopping

No other programming in the industry has specifically addressed how to add grow your revenue in all these ways.


Choose from two seminar locations in March of 2016:

Ski-in, Ski-Out at the Westin Resort in Avon, CO:  February 29 through March 2

Sandy Beaches and Time in the Sun at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island, FL:

March 21 – 23.


Speakers include:


Glenn Gould, CEO of MKJ Marketing. Glenn will share marketing strategies and consumer attitudes from research studies.


Marilyn Gould, President of MKJ Marketing. Marilyn will highlight specific ways to generate higher-than-average sales with products and services that consumers want, especially with cremation families.


Courtney Gould Miller, COO, Legal Counsel & Head of Digital Strategy of MKJ Marketing. Courtney will show why the focus of digital marketing should be on leads, rather than just likes. She will share call-generating strategies for search and social media that firms can follow to reach and engage their consumers.


Bob Killingsworth, President of JST Architects.  Bob will present the latest funeral home design features, particularly as they relate to reception and general purpose rooms.  He’ll share how to get more out of your facilities by making smaller rooms more functional and larger rooms more inviting and comfortable.


Adam Sheer, Co-President of Roosevelt Investments.  Adam will discuss financial issues impacting your pre-need funds, projections of world financial markets, and investment strategies.




MKJ Marketing is a full-service deathcare industry marketing company serving funeral homes, cemeteries and deathcare industry vendors in areas of market research, advertising, training and web site development. For hotel reservations, and additional programming information, telephone MKJ Marketing at 888.655.1566, or visit