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What Funeral Directors Love Most About Their Calling

February 23, 2015
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What Funeral Directors Love Most About Their Calling

Last week we shared with you ‘What Funeral Directors Would Say to People Thinking About Entering the Profession‘. We must say, this article was pretty raw. We got a real-life glimpse into what is not seen when we think about a funeral home. Past the freshly washed Cadillac and multi-million dollar buildings are people working to serve your family while being kept from their own. But many of the reasons funeral professionals would steer someone away from the profession can be overshadowed by what really draws them into the funeral world in the first place.

It can be said without debate that funeral professionals are truly people called to serve. This profession isn’t for everyone, it takes a special person to earn the title of funeral director.

We polled the 6,300+ funeral professionals who ‘Like’ the Facebook Page – asking them ‘What do you love most about being a funeral director?’ Here is what they said: