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What Song Will Be Played At Your Funeral? New Quiz Is Going Viral

January 20, 2015

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What Song Will Be Played At Your Funeral? New Quiz Is Going Viral

As you’re scrolling through your Facebook news feed there is no doubt that you have seen the posts that say “What Disney Character Are You?” or “What Real House Wife Would You Be?”

I don’t usually participate in these quizzes but I saw one on Monday that grabbed my attention. It said ‘What Song Will Be Played At Your Funeral?’. Think about it, this is a question you ask to most of the families you service but have you ever thought about it for your own funeral?



I will admit that I did click on this link and I did take the quiz. I don’t totally agree with the outcome though. Here is what song will be played at my funeral (according to this Play buzz quiz):

From Play Buzz about this song:

Some of the lyrics from “I Was Here” that will be about your life: “I did, I’ve done everything that I wanted / And it was more than I thought it would be / I will leave my mark so everyone will know / I was here”

When your friends and family come to your funeral, they will recall your daring pursuit of your dreams. You will be remembered as a kind, talented, beautiful creature who left their mark on the world. Do you think “I Was Here” is the right song for your funeral?

If you dare, please take this quiz and share with us in the comments what song will be played at your funeral!

Take quiz: