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Batesville Issues Statement on Matthews Litigation Settlement

November 18, 2014

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Batesville Issues Statement on Matthews Litigation Settlement

In a prepared statement, Joe Raver, CEO of Hillenbrand, Inc. and Kim Ryan, President of Batesville, acknowledged that Batesville entered into an agreement with Matthews International to settle an ongoing legal case dating back to 2010.

“From the outset, we have vigorously defended our actions against these allegations. After 4 years, this case ends with no finding or admission of liability or wrongdoing, and we are free to continue to serve the funeral professionals in the New York metro area as we have been doing, with the highest level of quality and service,” said Kim Ryan.

“The Hillenbrand and Batesville leadership teams collectively decided this was the best business decision for our company, our shareholders and our customers,” said Raver. “Bringing this matter to a close now allows our teams to get back to the important work of helping funeral directors serve families, and making investments that will move the industry forward.”

Raver and Ryan expressed their appreciation to funeral directors in the metro area and across the US for the trust and confidence they continue to place in Batesville.