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Are You CANA COCP Certified™? Trust Your Training to the Cremation Experts

July 27, 2014

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Are You CANA COCP Certified™? Trust Your Training to the Cremation Experts

Did you know that CANA has certified more than 5,000 crematory operators, owners, managers, funeral directors, and cemeterians since we invented the crematory operations certification concept 30 years ago? The ongoing relevance of the CANA Crematory Operations Certification Program™ is amply demonstrated each year, as the association continues to train 400+ professionals annually.

What Does CANA COCP Certification Mean?

While it is required in 17 states—and the CANA curriculum is either directly written into the language of the law or accepted by all of these states—most professionals choose CANA certification voluntarily. CANA’s COCP also qualifies for continuing education credit in all states and provinces that offer that opportunity.

CANA is a recognized and valued brand. Both within the industry and to the public at large, we are seen as the experts on all things cremation. This prominence is demonstrated by the tens of thousands of consumers searching the CANA member database or calling the association headquarters for referrals to CANA members. We field more than 500 media inquiries a year and our annual statistics report is seen as the most reliable and trusted source for all media outlets on cremation rates and trends.

The Value of Being CANA COCP-Certified

Written and designed in collaboration with crematory manufacturers, owner/operators, practitioners, and legal authorities, the CANA COCP curriculum is the only truly multi-perspective program out there. Through a mix of expert lecture, technology, animation, interactive exercises, and individually focused Q&A, the program is consistently lively and fun, and characterized by the enthusiastic engagement of the participants.

Crematory owners and operators across North America recognize the relevance and the value of the program. The COCP manual is currently being translated into French language for practitioners in Quebec and people have traveled from as far away as the Philippines and Guam to take CANA’s training. The Worsham School of Mortuary Science and the Pennsylvania Institute of Mortuary Science, two of the most successful and respected schools in the death care industry, currently use the CANA COCP training in their curriculums.

About CANA

Founded in 1913, the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) is an International organization of over 1,300 members, composed of cremationists, funeral directors, funeral home operators and owners, cemeterians, industry suppliers and consultants. CANA members believe that cremation is preparation for memorialization. Visit for more information and upcoming COCP events.