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Every Funeral Director’s Worst Nightmare

July 15, 2014

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Every Funeral Director’s Worst Nightmare

We have heard many horror/nightmare stories from funeral directors across the globe about things that have happened when making a removal or during another step in the disposition process but the story below has to be the ultimate nightmare come true.

Funeral director and reader Caleb Wilde shared this embarrassing story on his blog this weekend but it still can’t top what happen to a coroner Pennsylvania last week:

Every funeral director has had a moment when some mechanical failure has caused a brief moment of near hysteria.  A couple months ago I experienced a gurney failure while I attempted to load a deceased at the back end of a hospital.  The gurney that was loaded with a deceased’s body wouldn’t collapse and for nearly ten minutes I attempted to fix it while bystanders walked by.  I couldn’t fix it so I was forced to pick the deceased up in my arms and place it in the back of my pick-up van.


Here is your worst nightmare come true for a coroner in PA:

Bucks County officials are investigating how a gurney, with what appeared to be a deceased person on it, fell out of  a coroner’s vehicle and ended up on busy Street Road Friday afternoon.

County spokesman Chris Edwards confirmed there is an investigation into the incident, which happened in Lower Southampton around noon yesterday.

Jerry Bradley was waiting at the traffic light coming out of the shopping center that holds a Panera Bread and Starbucks when he saw the gurney come out of the green county-owned vehicle and end up in the lane of travel.

“At first I thought someone was pulling a prank, but traffic was just driving around,” Bradley told Saturday morning.

Bradley said it appeared there was a body in a bag and wrapped in a sheet strapped to the gurney. A photo snapped by the man appears to show just that.

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Feature Image Credit: Jerry Bradley/Submitted