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Should Funeral Homes Have The Right To Choose?

April 2, 2014

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Should Funeral Homes Have The Right To Choose?

Yesterday we posted an article from Frontrunner Professional about their new Morph technology that allow a user to switch the FrontRunner management interface to mimic the look and feel of their existing management software.

This is a huge deal – until this point many funeral homes have been tied to their outdated websites and software because their current software provider won’t hook-up to the funeral home’s preferred website provider.

In the software world I live in our providers all play nice with each other. For example our social media management software ties into our Google accounts and our CRM software which ties into our billing software. This is a huge benefit that I was unaware didn’t exist in the funeral profession until now.

So the question I want to ask is:

Do you think funeral homes should have a right to choose what website provider they use and what management software provider they choose? Should funeral directors start to require these providers to play nice with each other?