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Two Year Old Used Casket For Sale On Craigslist

February 12, 2014

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Two Year Old Used Casket For Sale On Craigslist

You can find the Craigslist listing here:

The listing states:

I have a 8453 – 20 Gauge Steel Casket it is used so it dose not look like the one in picture it will when I get done buffing it its only been in the ground for 2 years inside stinks a little but you get use to it, maybe even a little Febreze or Lysol it’ll be okay and before you read any further this is not a joke! I am asking $2,500.00 but will take any offer! any real offer! well text me or email me sorry phone will not take calls at this time! have a good day 🙂 top left is where it says “contact” or “reply” is where it shows phone numbers now they ask we don’t put them in the add so click that button for my number thank you 🙂

So, who wants to buy it?